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MB prepares to commence the weekly blog
MB blog prep

Good reaction to last week’s blogs, mashallah. DMc was amused with the tales of the Polygamist Jewelry maker Mohammad from Yemen. And a number of (single) ladies, not surprisingly, reacted most favourably to the ‘Arranged Marriage’ blog.



MB will continue with the single topic blog lads, for as long as the Gods inspire him. But this week, in a first for the HX, MB hands over total control to guest blogger Miss L. If you did not read last week’s marriage blog, then please do so. Miss L’s personal story featured and she has now accepted invitation from MB to explain to HX Report followers her ‘mid twenties Muslim female thoughts’ on relationships & marriage in this region from her perspective. MB found the read extremely interesting. Big big thanks to Miss L for accepting the invitation and challenge. Would very much appreciate feedback from followers/readers, good, bad or indifferent. TVM. Her blog will go out tomorrow, Friday.



Received email of desperation (I think) following that same marriage blog from follower RB, who implored MB to send some Arab husband possibilities back to Ireland for her review and delectation. Please note RB – that Mohammad will not travel to meet the Irish Mountain (not to infer in any way that you are large in scale) so you must instead book your ticket, and get on over to these parts to meet the mythical Mohammad.



When MB receives confirmation of travel booking, MB will prepare chaporoned meetings with suitable boys. And also please note RB, there will be absolutely no ‘delectation’. Maybe some hand holding after supervised date Nr 5, followed immediately by engagement party, followed day later by wedding – then you are off my hands al hamdallah, and must fend for yourself. Inshallah the first born will be a boy named Mike. Best of luck with it all RB!


This weeks’s pics – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Are just amazing  and unreal lads. Even more amazing and unreal than the normal amazing & unreal weekly pics from MB that you now expect like spoon of sugar with your tea, or icing with your cake or other such like (that MB can not think of at the moment).



The Grand Mosque is open to visitors every day, except Fridays (the holy day) I think. 8th largest in the world, and just awesome in scale (equivalent to 5 football pitches in footprint). Here is the Wikipedia link lads if any of you would like to swot up on it.


But MBs pics paint a million words, and please all feel free lads to blast the Nobel lads with some nominations for the Photography prize this year. Ta in advance lads. Am humbled by your support (not).

Flowers made from coloured marble pieces, cut into white marble cladding


Too sexy for his love!
You all remember the story of few weeks back lads where the 3 Emirati boys were deported from Saudi Arabia by the Religious Police, as they were considered far too good looking & big danger to womankind in the Kingdom, where 13M women allegedly broke out in non-menopausal hot flushes. Anyway, the blogosphere has been abuzz ever since to discover the identities of the 3 ‘sex on legs’ Emirati lads.



So big thanks to young Sudanese male follower MH who forwarded the below link to MB which ‘outs’ one of the alleged ‘Man Gods’. This link comes with severe warning to all females – the pic that you are about to view may cause you to rethink your whole existence. If you are presently happy with the man you have or your religion, MB suggests you do not look – as things may never be the same again. Be warned!



And just to give you idea of just how dashing the Emirati lad actually is lads, MH has confided to MB that he is now considering his sexual orientation, having risked all to take a peek. Powerful or what lads?!



Reluctant Emigrant 
DH all excited this week to see Irish foodstuffs on the Abu Dhabi shop shelves, that can surely do nothing more that bring on nightmarish memories of misery & incessant rainfall:




HIPA Photos
Some pics from the recent pic competition that failed to recognise the genius of the lens that is MB:[9]/1/





Over & Out
Will leave it at that this week lads. Short but very very sweet! Enjoy the pics!

Take care all.




9 Comments on “Cultural

  1. Great picture, magnificent mosque. Having live in Arabia, I realise that most places are off limit to photographers. How did you manage to get so much pictures including faces of the locals, as normally they are very shy to camera.


    • I love photography Lin, having got seriously into it about 3 years back when a family member ashed me to do his wedding. To shoot the locals I ask permission sometimes, but more normally, as in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque shots, I use 300mm zoom lens, so am very far away when taking the pics – and nobody knows I am taking their photo! Sneaky I know, but I am fascinated with the culture out here and love showing my friends back home in Ireland what life is like out here. And of course the people are what life is all about. I also do my best to blow away misconceptions about Muslims/Islam. Last week, after that young soldier was killed by the fanatic in London, I told story about a Saudi man & his son I met in the local supermarket. After speaking to them for not more than one minute they invited me to their house for dinner. Had great fun for few hours sitting talking to them for the evening with my limited Arabic. Was really pleased that the dad allowed his only daughter, in hijab etc, to join us as she had some English. So with all the negativity of that week I was able to paint a brighter picture.


  2. Wonderful and great pics .. friend ;);)

    I wish i was there at that time of the year to have the same opportunity 😉


  3. Sounds interesting bit low on the cash any chance of u sending ticket? Not sure about naming first born after u. Tres risqu

    Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 12:22:24 +0000 To:


    • If we can find the suitably boy, he will send the ticket, inshallah. If you could guarantee 1st born would be male then the ticket is mere formality I think.


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