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Greetings lads
Greetings from Saudi where the weather has turned a little cooler during the week and MB has had to wear jacket in the early morning chill. A few droplets of rain landed on the head and face of MB for few minutes on Tuesday from the scattering of dark clouds that had appeared overnight. Only my second sighting of rain in last year, apart from the monsoon conditions I witnessed back home in September. UAE had some heavy rain this week, including yesterday just before the big golf tournament kicked off (McIlroy one behind Donald after opening round).
This week lads I give you business opportunities, more tales of Sheik Mo, and the sequel to last weeks piece from Saudi Crosser XXX on life in the Kingdom. And much much more.
Note lads: Double click on any of the below pics to view in full size.

Dubai sunset – on a dry evening
More Jeddah Pics
Gave you some MB pics from Jeddah last week lads. Posted an album on FB. Take a look if interested:
Movie Choice
No cinemas in Saudi lads. They are not allowed. Haram. Despite the restriction, MB watched the new James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ during the week. Not impressed. Just decided to download a real movie for some Saudi weekend entertainment – Snatch. And will follow that up with Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. If you have never seen either lads please get a life and purchase or download both. But suspect most Crossers have seen. Found this comparison:
Business Opp
In recent times I have given you many many business opportunities lads. From various ‘mega buck return’ deals in Nigeria, to camel meat & milk franchises, to Yemeni honey, to Australian mining shares and God only knows how many more. The opportunities provided to you all lads have been truly endless, and fruitful if you took a punt. This week I bring you a cracker lads. An opportunity that comes from heaven itself. No kidding this time lads.
Camel meat on the horizon
Previous business opps have also included Yemeni honey
OK lads, the company is called ‘Ringtokk’ and it was recently set up by 2 guys, one of of whom is the business development guy and one of whom is serious software programmer. One of them is pal of MB. They have come up with idea that will wipe out roaming charges on your mobile calls when you are out of your own country. It still costs you to use the system, but at fraction of the cost of the telecoms operators.Works like this:
  • Log on to and register with the website. You are then good to go. Put say 10 USD on your account with a credit card.
  • Open the website to dial the number you want to connect to. It can be land line or mobile number – it does not matter. The process is simple.
  • Few seconds after you dial the number from your laptop or PC your own phone will ring. Answer it. Voice tells you that you are being connected to the other number and you will hear the ring tone.
  • Other person picks up and you speak phone to phone over the net.

I have tried the system and must admit its very impressive. Simple to use and extremely high quality sound. Much better sound quality than skype and you will not lose connections. In the next month or so you will be able to download an app onto your smart phone and carry out the whole process without using laptop. Then it should really take off.

The opportunity arises lads due to fact that the 2 boys need some seed capital as they have used up all their personal funds to get the whole thing to this stage. So if anyone interested in sticking in a few dollars then you will take a slice of the pie. Minimum investment 1,000 dollars. Contact MB if any interest. Check it out lads:

Congrats EH – Sideline
Want to give some publicity lads to one of our Crosser members who came up with a business idea as part of a school project. Think she’s about 15 years old. Now her company/business will feature on the the Irish TV programme Dragon’s Den – for start up companies to get some funding if they succeed on the show. It’s related to the Irish sport of hurling and like most great ideas its very simple. Won’t say much more. The video link explains all. But if you are involved with a club back home, or involved with hockey, then the product will be of interest. And nice Christmas idea if your partner or friends are involved in the sport. Best of luck EH, who hails from the HX heartland. Contact details:

Link to EH product

Link to Irish sport of ‘Hurling’ (for the non-Irish who may not be familiar)

Leeds Utd
Not satisfied with owning Man City and Paris SG we have now snapped up Leeds Utd lads. Will be some interesting conversations between the Leeds accents and the Arabs!

Al Wasl FC fans in Dubai. Closet Leeds fans for many years back.
Arabs have worn the white of Leeds United for hundreds of years. The purchase was inevitable.
Sheikh Mo
How many times have I told you about the legendary Sheikh Mo lads? How many times? Many many times lads have I given you tales of his most regal greatness lads? So many I have lost track. I know there have been doubters amongst you lads. Especially those of you from the poverty inflicted lands of Western Europe who do not have first hand experience of the exploits of his most Royal Highness. Then doubt no more lads. Will you take Land Rover’s word for Sheik Mos greatness lads? Yes indeed lads, I think you will.
In bid to have some of the Royal majesty and greatness rub off on their business lads, Land Rover arrived in Dubai last week and presented the very first 2013 Land Rover to Sheikh Mo. Number plate – Dubai 1. What else says you lads?! And in a double whammy to the opposition they landed another one to Junior Sheikh Mo – young Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan, our future ruler. Number plate – Dubai 11. Awesome or what lads!!!
World’s first 2013 Range Rover delivery to Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed
The two Range Rover vehicles delivered to His Highness were the first to be handed over globally. One vehicle with the symbolic DUBAI 1 registration plate was delivered to His Highness along with an additional vehicle with the registration DUBAI 11 for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.
Doubt no more lads!

Saudi Crosser XXX
We featured last week lads a contribution from Saudi Crosser XXX about the situation in his homeland. This week I give you the conclusion of his piece. Thanks XXX.

To be fair, the situation today is nothing like the situation yesterday & isn’t entirely dire thanks to the new generations and new social media that allow some freedom. There are some 2.9 million Twitter users in Saudi Arabia, according to one recent study, and it is the world’s fastest-growing Twitter zone . see this link in the New York Times

In a country that sand trickles through an hourglass at a steady rate, the recent announcement of a sudden change at the top of the kingdom’s powerful ministry of interior replacing prince Ahmad (72 Y) with prince Mohamed (50 Y) who come from the second generation of king Abdulaziz progeny indicated a slight improvement toward reform and perhaps an end of those who said that unless and until Islam the only belief on earth, there will be NO peace, this is the mentality that was supported by the earlier minister (It is not only Islam, but Christianity also “holy wars” for 1000s of years) .

The main theme of the third report of the National Society for Human Rights was that the government executive bodies have failed to meet the ambitions of King Abdullah. At the end of the report, NSHR provided a list of recommendations including suggestions for partial elections of the Shoura Council as well as limiting transgressions by security forces and CPVPV members against citizens. Just yesterday, the fifth session of the ongoing trial of the two prominent human rights activists Mohammad Al-Qahtani and Abdullah Al-Hamid was held. The judge insisted in the last trial session to make it private, but the two activists firmly refused. The judge finally changed his mind and made this session public. Every single details of the trail was available to twitter users and I doubt that this is the case today in the official newspapers.

In conclusion yes, there are a lot of things that need to be changed in Saudi Arabia politically, socially, religiously and constitutionally and I hope this is will happen soon for a bright future to SA and hope that our children will have a peaceful society.


UAE kids play
Interesting survey on the playing habits of kids in the UAE. Approx 60% play alone.

Dubai: 62 per cent, or roughly six out of 10 of UAE children play alone which could potentially negatively affect their development, a new UAE study revealed.

The study titled Children’s Play Index in the UAE aims to gauge if UAE children have a good balance between play and other activities. It was independently conducted in between July to September 2012 by TNS Research Agency and commissioned by family leisure company Fun City. The study was released on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day that is celebrated annually on November 20.

The research involved 400 family respondents of different nationalities and particularly focused on the play behaviour of their children from ages two to 12.


Drugs in the Middle East

Problem all over the world lads including Middle East where its considered serious crime. Often punishable by death. As these 5 lads have just discovered in RAK, one of the Emirates of the UAE:

Ras Al Khaimah: The Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced five people to death. They were involved in drug possession and drug trafficking.
The court session presided by Judge Bilal Abul Baqi passed the sentence on an Omani and four Pakistanis after they confessed to drug trafficking through the Oman-Ras Al Khaimah border. A senior court official said they will be executed by firing squad. The official added the Omani was searching for a buyer for one kilogram of opium and another kilogram of hashish when the RAK Anti-Narcotics Dep-artment received a tip-off and sent an undercover agent to do the deal with him.

And of course, most parents worry as they do in the West, about their kids coming into contact with drugs and getting sucked into the scene:


Middle East Kids – Parents Worry

Had interesting chat with Arab Muslim friend during the week about the worries that parents out here have as they try their best to rear their kids. Surprisingly, he told me he considered it more difficult to bring up a son than a daughter. Told me most ordinary Muslim parents worry about their sons falling under influence of the more extremist Muslim practitioners. This man knows of many families where the son comes home one day and announces his new found beliefs and starts trying to convert all the family to a more extreme brand of the religion. Starts to grow a beard, starts to fight regularly with his parents, pointing out all their ‘haram’ behaviour as he sees it. For my friend this is a bigger fear for him than his 13 year old son getting involved in the drug scene. Can not remember ever hearing of any Western kid screaming at his parents to go to Mass on Sunday lads. Let me know if you have.



Fans are going crazy. Crosser JB amongst them. Took one of his recent day postings from Fb for you all lads. Armageddon approacheth, according to many.



Desert safari pic from Sharjah. Idea if you ever come for holiday break. DH landed herself in hot water this week with the Sharjah forces of law & order

DH was busted in Sharjah, UAE this week lads. Read on:


Salam Lads

Ok lads. That’s it for another week. TC.

Ajman Fishmarket, UAE



Morning Lads

Hope all smiling.

MB finds himself in Jedah, Saudi Arabia, as he writes to you this fine sunny Saudi morning, having flown over (or very close to) the holy city of Mecca yesterday on the flight from Riyadh. The chief air hostess/steward made some special announcements on account of our route and asked Allah to accept all our good deeds. Of which there are many. MB felt the power as we flew over ground zero and passed onwards in direction of Jeddah. Another one to tick off from the bucket list lads. Allah u Akbar.

Great reaction to the new blog format lads. Interesting to see, as I can on the stats section, in what country people are reading it, as a map of the world opens up and gives me a head count country by country, day by day. Something to log on to lads to give me break from Fb!

Some pics from Jeddah Old Town:


Lots of Mosques. The Call To Prayer is deafening!


Many of the buildings are dilapidated but with people living inside. Some buildings starting to undergo refurbishment


Typical Old Town street scene


Locals play dominoes on carpet on the street


Carpet sellers abound, along with fabric sellers/tailors who make Arab dresses. And lots of barbers. Young lad says “Howya” to MB.



Sitting with Syrian friend as I write, who is on his Facebook page chatting to friends back in Damascus. They are reporting huge explosions around the city as they chat with him. God help the helpless people. Myself and my pal are drinking coffee in Jeddah while innocents get blown to bits in Damascus and we get live commentary, more or less, while we sip the ‘Americanos with milk on the side’. Some world. Some crack.

My pal just stated that one of the lads in Damascus has just described the noise as like ‘Apocalypse Now‘ as the bombardment is so intense and deafening. That guy is in a house close to the Presidential area. But he has no clue where exactly the explosions are happening.

Getting worse by the day with tens of thousands fleeing to country to wherever they can. Whole towns and villages now disappeared into piles of rubble with  more than 40,000 people killed. Estimated presently that there are more than 700,000 houses destroyed, and the count rises each day. The Israeli army reported yesterday that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) now control almost all border crossings along the 800km border. So can not be long now one would think before the end comes. All my Syrian pals tell me that if they had-anti aircraft missiles the whole war would end very quickly as the planes are the Governments main weapon against the people. And presently the FSA has no solution to the plane problem.

The Brits are on the ground it seems, as the following report from Al Arabiya tells us:

As British Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to use the Royal Air Force (RAF) in Syria to put an end to the massacres the Syrian regime is committing throughout the country, British Special Forces are training rebels to assassinate the Syrian president and his commanders, the London Daily Star reported.

UK government sources told the newspaper that British assassination squads are in Syria to train rebels on how to target President Bashar al-Assad and his warlords. Some troops hailing from Britain Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Section (SBS) and the Airborne Infantry of the British Army (Paras) are also in the country to teach Anti-Assad fighters techniques on the accurate use of weapons and explosives against Assad regime forces, the sources said.

Also lots of theories amongst Syrians that the present situation is engineered by USA/Brits/Israelis. Don’t agree with any of them. But the provision of the anti-aircraft missiles is a decision that the US could make to bring matters to a conclusion it would appear. Its not exactly clear why they do not provide. Possibly afraid of the missiles future use elsewhere when the present troubles pass. Meanwhile the civilian population are cannon fodder.

HX Holiday Suggestion
MB would like to give you a holiday suggestion lads. Especially if you like clicking your camera or would like to learn more about your camera so you could become mega shooter like MB and other legends in da game. Take one week break in Dubai in March. Beautiful blue skies assured every day as you tour the fab sites on offer and get in a few Photo Workshops at Gulf Photo Plus (GPP). Having taken part in that event in last few years I can give it a very high recommendation. Workshops for all levels from complete beginners to lads who think the know lots like MB (but really know diddly squat!).

What is GPP2013?

GPP2013 will take place from March 1 – 8 and promises to be another amazing photo-fest. We’re bringing the world’s best photographers and instructors to Dubai to share their knowledge and experience with the Middle East and Africa’s professional and amateur photography community.

Save the date, book your leave and start finding creative ways to convince your partner and/or boss to get out to Dubai or take the week off for a fun and inspirational photography festival like no other!

To get a taste of what it’s all about, check out last year’s schedule here.

Go to GPP lads and you may be able to take serious shots like this beauty from legendary shooter MB

Breaking the sex laws

Was bit surprised during the week lads to read that there is proposal in UAE not to deport dastardly criminals who get jail sentences for having sex outside marriage and such like. In the past these (normally Western) no-gooders would get deportation back to their home countries at end of jail term where they would be free to continue their Godless ways. Not sure why this new relaxation is being proposed lads but as we all know when you give a sinner an inch he will usually try to take a mile. It becomes harder and harder each day lads for the good citizens of the Middle East to promote virtue and prevent vice, when the rulers are now starting to relax the reasonable rules of the past. No good can come of it lads. You will see more and more Tracy’s from Tyneside walking around our Shopping Malls dressed like harlots displaying flesh that is strictly speaking ‘haram’ and their will be more and more breaches of ‘honour’ and general behaviour that gives the middle finger to ‘modesty’.

Remember where you heard it first lads.

Suggested law change (what a joke):
“The most important recommendation is to make the deportation order optional and not compulsory anymore in crimes related to sex and honour, such as consensual sex, public indecency, breach of modesty and honour, and others. However, deportation remains compulsory in major crimes such as rape and molestation.

UAE Nuclear Power Plant
The Americans have absolutely no problem with Arab countries having state of the art Nuclear Industries lads. As long as they buy all the high tech gadgets from the good old US of A. The mega stupid Iranians tried to do this without sticking to the rules and are paying the high price, mashallah. The UAE will now plough on lads with a Nuclear generating plant from Disneyland with Micky & Mini Mouse logos all over the boundary walls. Allah u Akbar (again!)


The Grand Mufti

Have you heard of the Grand Mufti lads? Well, he is main man who can make rulings about da Islam, and issue Fatwas and such like. Presently he is none too happy with Foreign Media Agents – and MB received query during week from Saudi Crosser if communicating with MB would be breach of the rule. Assured him/her not lads, as MB is at this stage part and parcel of the Saudi scene and in absolutely no way can MB be considered ‘foreign’. It is probably true to say that MB has become more Arabic than the Arabs themselves. Allah u Akbar (for the 3rd time today).

And chaos & strife is the last thing on MBs mind lads I assure you. Working in the construction industry each week gives me more chaos & strife than I can handle. Who wants more of that for God sake.

From the Grand Mufti himself lads:

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti has issued a religious edict prohibiting contact and cooperation with foreign media outlets seeking to “spread chaos and strife in Muslim lands.”

He urged people instead to address their concerns through writing directly to responsible authorities.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh told worshipers during a Friday sermon held in a mosque in the capital Riyadh that people should not contact foreign media outlets to “divulge the country’s secrets or address various matters” because these outlets “are only concerned with dividing people and striking the unity of the nation.”


Where a Mufti might hang out lads


Saudi Crosser Contribution

Received some complimentary words from one of our Saudi Crossers last week lads saying how much he enjoys the Friday read. He has even gone one step further lads and put pen to paper for us to give us insight into da whole Saudi situation at present for da natives. His piece is quite long, as MB seems to have awakened a Saudi Shakespeare within. The piece is quite long and I may break it into 50% this week and same next (that’s another 50% next week Cla – to save you doing the calculation).

Anyway lads MB is very grateful for the contribution from XXX as I will refer to him/her as don’t want him/her falling foul of recent fatwas and such like and getting good whipping after da Friday prayers next week.

Dear Mike
You are so persuasive but you will have to tolerate my English then 🙂

OK today is Sunday and after drinking my daily dosage of coffee I decided to email you about what I feel personally about my country.  I really don’t know from where to start? There is a common perception among 90% of Saudis that we are waiting for something that 100% is going to happen but no one can tell you what is it exactingly!! Something related to the murky issue of succession particularly with the obvious aging of Saudi Royalty. Some Saudis say that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy dance on the tune of Western Kafers ….Mummmm.  I wasn’t plan to talk politically so you can ignore the previous paragraph :). If you are surprising that why we may not touch these simple issues try to stay in your fancy room for 6 months without knowing what is it all about let alone try our fancy Saudi jail.

Anyway, during my last visit to my SA I was so desperate when I saw the organization of disorganization. For example  the disrespect of traffic signals by careless drivers is a widespread practice in SA now a days without any response from police. Police inaction in cases of offense or minor crime, specially against non Saudi, like assaulting foreigner workers or house maids, is encouraging those bad guys to do more. If you survey the satisfaction levels of Saudis, you will be surprised that most of them will be not happy with the current situation. This shouldn’t be the case with a country that considered the world’s largest net oil exporter. I am not talking politically here but as Saudis living inside Saudi Arabia we are suffering from many difficulties.  The first of these is planning deficit- in particular we as a nation don’t think about our future . We just eat and enjoy the current pleasure without any thinking of how to keep our country going and improved, especially in the law and legislation. for example the gender segregation debate that still exist is a sign for a society that is stuck in the 19th century. We still heavily rely on expatriates? When you look at some specialist job areas the 99 per cent is dominated by expatriates. We are some time move backward for example I work in the health sector, where the equality is endangered and the right of any resident to gain a free health access has disappeared. not to mention the famous case of Hamza Kashgari who faces charge of blasphemy after two or three tweets about prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. It is like that the Saudi society hide behind being the original of Islam and the title of ‘Custodians of the Holy Mosques’ yet our actions and behaviour are far from Islamic. I feel that If it wasn’t for the fact that Saudi Arabia sit on a large part of the world’s oil our country would remain mired in the past whether we liked it or not.

The be continued………


DH – The Reluctant Emigrant

Greetings to DH and ta for another issue of her Reluctant Emigrant Blog.



TC lads. Have nice weekend. Be good.


Da follically challenged MB composin more brilliance. Haha lads!


New Beginnings

Morning lads

Welcome to the new media world of the blogosphere lads. Where word gurus hang out and waffle merrily about waffley topics. Promise you lads, will remain humble and modest, and continue to welcome contributions from wretches of whatever creed. This is my commitment to you lads and I am man of my word.

New to this higher tech world lads so still trying to get to grips with designing the layout and stuff. So stick with me for few weeks and we should have da blog looking all masterful and majestic. Inshallah. Might have to be little more careful with the content now that the HX is open to the entire world and searchable on Google. Not kidding lads. The HX & Google are now together. Like lovers. Living together in mutually beneficial harmony.

Hopefully the legal authorities in all the regional countries, where MB could possible get arrested, fully understand the meaning of the word ‘irony’. And have GSOH. Or MB could end up tied to pole in middle of some village square with shirt ripped off and sorely in need of some creams and oils of the healing variety, after 100 of the best across his back. Inshallah this misfortune will not befall me lads and I will remain in the full of my health.

The HX blog breaks all the rules of blogging lads. All the most successful blogs are single topic. And this attracts a dedicated following. So the experts say. But will not change the format lads. I like the cross-selection of weekly topics. And hopefully some topic grabs the interest of readers, even when many other topics do not. And that’s the way it’s staying.

Ok lads. Welcome again to da ‘new look’ HX blog. Remain steadfast. Crossers abu!


Reaction to last week’s HX

Was only awesome lads.

Cla was on immediately. Almost before I pressed ‘send’, thanking me for providing da business opportunity in Nigeria and is actively pursuing at da mo. We wish him & his associates in Lagos & Abuja all the best. May their ship arrive in port very soon. Cla was also drooling about MBs pics from Nepal lads, and to stop Cla getting all sad and possible suffering bout of bed-wetting, I hereby give you all another of the savage pic albums:

Want to thank Cla for the following links re young lady from HX (almost) who is making name for herself in the hockey world (the non-Canadian variety). And needless to say lads she has Crosser connection. Brother GB is a Crosser member of long standing. Thanks Cla:

RQ was concerned about the mossie that was bothering me last week lads. Suggesting garlic and tea tree oil as eco solutions. As promised lads, I gave the mossie every chance. Opened the door and offered him escape to the outside world. But sadly for him lads, was tad institutionalised, and just couldn’t bring himself to fly out that open door. Another attack on MB following night resulted in bite sores on back of MBs hand upon waking following morning. And that was it lads. Final straw. Short time later Mossie was located – and mashed. Khalas!

Received a most intriguing email from Crosser SW from Connecticut USA lads. A female Crosser who is not personally known to MB but we have mutual past connection. Unknown to MB, SW has managed to hook herself an Irishman. And lo and behold lads, didn’t she only land herself a real prize fish in none other that Crosser PM, who has oft contributed to the HX, and is old pal of many years of MB. A warm fatherly feeling came over me upon hearing the news lads, as realised that we had our first instance on Crossers coming together in amorous manner. Potentially breeding and producing new generation of Crossers. Inshallah.

Anyway lads, back to the intriguing email. MB immediately zoomed in on the attention grabbing line at start of email – “I am in the death business“. Sat bolt upright in my seat lads, as did not really know where this email was going to take me. Turns out lads, upon digestion of the mail, that SW is editor of ‘Connecticut Cemetery News‘ monthly newsletter. Yes lads, something we never in our wildest dreams would have thought of back in Ireland – a cemetery newsletter. E gad! Had read of the newsletter, November edition that SW passed on, and saw that the cemeteries in USA are run by private companies as profitable business. People are just dieing to get into that business I guess lads! (sorry SW – you must be sick of sad jokes like that). And obviously lads that’s why all the cemeteries in USA look like the golf greens in Augusta, perfect lines, 0.3 on the stimpmeter! You certainly learn something new every days lads as the old saying goes. And this was certainly a new one on MB.

Anyway lads SW wanted permission to use MB’s piece of last week on the Hindu Cremations in Nepal in her December edition. An honour indeed lads. And of course lads, permission granted. Who knows what the future holds. Will forward you all the Dec issue when it hits the stands.

RK was on pointing out that he had provided MB with Wikipedia link to last weeks featured Russian artist, but MB was just too stupid to recognise the link and never included the reference. So big apology to RK, and for those who may be interested herewith:

And RK gives us new pic this week. From some Russian painter from the republic of Tatarstan:

This picture is about Tamerlan (MB note – some warlord I gather) and his tradition to create hills from the dead skulls to intimidate enemies.

It’s dedicated to Conquers – of all times past, present and future.

ML back safe & sound from Nepal. MJ presently in some Buddhist village (I think) with 2 more weeks to go.


More From Nepal

A few tales worth telling you lads, that MB brings you from his recent trip:

Hindu Holy Men – Sadhus
Came across some Hindu Holy Men in the P temple grounds and they immediately catch the eye. With colourful dress, unclean appearance, matted unwashed hair and smiling faces its hard to miss them. They generally depend on donations from tourists and the general public to survive and do not possess worldly goods. They do not take female partners at any stage in their life. Was informed by seemingly knowledgeable guide that their penis’ are “mutilated” at young age, maybe at age 7 or 8. Just to ensure that the they are “of no use to a woman” in the future, in case they might think of straying from their vocation. That’s as the guide explained it to me lads. So I’m sure its true. Am attaching pic that I took of 3 of them sitting contentedly, as they watch the cremations across the holy river. Much like fans enjoying cricket match in the balmy afternoon sunshine.

Must admit lads am bit mystified by the empty coke bottle behind Sadhu Nr 1. Is he hiding it? Sort of goes against the ethos lads, wouldn’t y’all say.
The Sadhu in most of the public temples make themselves available for pics for the tourists and expect some financial donation. They need to eat lads so no harm there. But some Ali Baba types get in on the act by dressing up as Sadhu and try to cash in on the act. Let us call these lads the ‘Unmutilated Sadhus’. Gave 5 dollars to two Sadhu who approached me in that temple. Even thought I did not take any pic of them they made it clear they were not happy with the five, and asked me for ten. As did not speak Nepalese asked the guide to tell them to beat it real quick. Assume those characters were of the unmutilated type. And because of incidents like this, even some Nepalese consider the Sadhu a bit of a nuisance. Sad.

There is famous festival every February at the P Temple near Kathmandu airport when some 40,000 Sadhus from India & Nepal gather. Various rituals are performed throughout the day and night and am told its incredible spectacle. Many different sects of Sadhu have different practices that they offer as sacrifice to the Gods. Was told of one group who never sit down, and spend their entire lives in standing position. Including their sleeping hours. Seemingly they perform the difficult task of sleeping in the standing position by strapping themselves to something like a small tree and then rest their heads and arms over some out-hanging horizontal branch to sleep. Others have various strange diet, only eating same limited food throughout their entire lives. The pic of the 3 lads above is interesting alone. Mind boggling to think of 40,000 of them together.

Volunteering in Nepal
Now a big tourist industry in its own right lads. Many people travel to Nepal to do volunteer work with kids, or homeless, or handicapped or whatever. Many will mix their holiday with some volunteering time. There are many (mostly NGO) organisations available to assist. But you need to be careful. The groups who will benefit from your efforts normally provide internal transport within Nepal, food and accommodation while you are working. But some others are charging a fee to the volunteer or the volunteer must pay for some of the basic necessities. Some tourist companies operating in Nepal may donate some of their income to local charities, even some of the mountain trekking companies.

Durbar Square, World Heritage site at Bhaktapur

If any of you are interested you can check out some of the following:

Loads more listed on Lonely Planet if you want to look up.
The Living Godess  – Kumari Devi
They have a living Goddess in Nepal lads. Truly. A real live living Goddess. She is originally selected on basis of 32 very strict physical characteristics which include her eye colour, shape of her teeth, and sound of her voice. This selection takes place at aged 4 or 5 approx. If more than one girl is selected then all will go into darkened room and men with frightening masks will dance and scream in the same room. The girl who remains calmest is considered the winner and the reincarnation of the Hindu God Durga. She must come from a Nepalese ethnic group called Newari who are renowned gold and silversmiths. She lives in a building called the Kumari Bahal (next to the world heritage site of Durbar Square near Kathmandu) with her family, and will only go outside into the wider world for 5 or 6 ceremonies each year. It is not allowed to take photos of the Kumari but she appears daily (almost) at an ornate window facing the square, when I think pics may be possible. Got there too late unfortunately on the day I visited so never got a photo opp. In the future perhaps.

That’s the Kumari in the middle lads

On the occasion of her first period in puberty the girl will no longer be considered the Kumari and a new Goddess will be chosen. She will be given generous dowry and sent on her way. It is considered unlucky to marry an ex Kumari according to the literature. But MB is wondering lads, about sending letter to Sheikh Mo to suggest possible marriage for one of his sons or grandsons to an ex living Goddess. The mind truly boggles lads when you try to imagine the coming together of the royal seed with the egg of the Goddess. A truly super being or even new super species may develop. Will be interesting to see what answer I get back from Sheik Mos office lads. Keep you posted.


Sheikh Mo

From the man himself lads. From SM Fb page earlier this week on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the founding of the UAE:

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
A very special occasion is approaching us after a few weeks. The 41st National Day of the UAE. As we get closer to this important day. I would like to share some thoughts and ideas under the banner of Spirit of the Union. First, I say to the youth of our beloved nation, the story of UAE is not limited to 41 years only, our history stretches back 1000s of years. Read about Umm Alnar civilization that goes back to more than 2000 BC, Jalfar in the 4th century & the remains in Jumeirah from the Umayyad era. Read about the stories of heroism of our people while facing the foreign invasions in the past few centuries. Knowing our history is a key part of the Spirit that ties us together. The great stories of our people will continue well into the future.



The blood continues to flow. On all sides. Bashar has said he will live & die in Syria. Reminds us of very similar Gadaffi comment in Libya few weeks before he died. In Libya.

Was traveling with Syrian acquaintance during the week when he phone rang. Call from Homs in Syria. His brother just got shot in fighting. Lucky for brother bullet hit him in the arm. Entered and exited through muscle tissue. No danger to his life. But few inches in another direction and my pals reaction might have been much different. Such is life for Syrians at present.

Many Syrians living and working in Saudi Arabia, where I am presently based. In last few weeks all renewal of Saudi visas for Syrian nationals was cancelled. Many working here must get new visa every 3 months so must renew at that stage. Now no longer possible. Thinking is possible security risk I imagine, even though all Syrians I know would be very anti Syrian Government and very pro Saudi efforts to remove him. But ordinary people are often just pawns in bigger games. Number of my work colleagues now unable to return to Saudi for this reason, and may end up having their jobs terminated. And will then be unable to send home few dollars to help their families.


Eye Do

Be careful where you poke that stick ladies. It could have far-reaching results:

Manama: A young Saudi woman was forced to marry her cousin after she caused him to lose one of his eyes when they were children.

Saudi news site Sabq said that the young man never had any cosmetic surgery after his cousin accidentally poked his eye with a broom. When he grew up and wanted to get married, he could not find a woman who would take him as a husband.


Eid Slaughter in UAE – 15,584

That was the count of the Eid religious slaughter of the goats, sheep, camels and others lads. Was also very many killed at unofficial sites. Remember telling you all that I came across one such unofficial site last year down a small side street. One of the pics on the second link looks bit like what I experienced.


HX Music

Hope you enjoyed the Sting song from last week lads. This weeks recommendation comes from the Chieftains, who were backing Sting last week. Great bit of fun!

Chieftains & Friends


Dubai Cars

Have previously mentioned that Dubai is car crazy zone. The high & mighty love their top of the range models, and showing them off on the tourists strips at the weekend. There is vast amount of speed cameras which control the acceleration. But not this guy on Dubai’s main drag – the Sheikh Zayed Road:




Thanks to DH for her efforts each week and for giving MB kick to set up real Blog. This week she is Trick or Treating:


Slan Lads

Ok lads. That’s it for another week. If your in Middle East enjoy today/tomorrow off, and if elsewhere enjoy the coming weekend. TC.


Scaling The Peaks

Morning Lads

Namaste lads. Tai-pai-lai kas-to-chha? (Hello lads. How are you? – in Nepalese) Hope all healthy. Plagued at present by a single mosquito who seems to love me lots. Is sharing my room but keeps himself to himself during daylight. I can hear him buzzing around my head at various times after lights out and I see and feel the evidence of his love every morning as the bite marks get all itchy & red. He seems to have the gift of invisibility when it suits him and I do not really have an easy solution. Will try to leave the door open today for a while and inshallah he disappears from my zone to find new friend. Otherwise I will be forced into drastic action. Resulting in the death of the mossie.


My Trip
And if I was Hindu or Buddhist lads I would not consider the above final solution for the mossie. Which brings me nicely to my main story of this week – my trip of last weekend. Mentioned to y’all two weeks back that I was heading to mountains & temples. And so I did lad. Off I headed with the camera & lenses to Kathmandu, Nepal. Amongst the peaceful tolerant Hindus & Buddhists. As good luck would have it lads, the BBC had feature on World News channel on Nepal. Problem there at present of locals catching cholera from drinking dirty water from streams. So stuck religiously to bottled water during the trip lads. The last thing you need when you are scaling the high peaks lads is a bad dose of cholera. Also stuck to boiled or fried foods to avoid diarrhea and it worked. And double socks for the long hikes. Another MB trick to note lads for your own future use.

There are many thousands of Nepalese working in Middle East and all I have met in recent years are extremely polite happy smiley people. Am pleased to report that the description generally applies to the entire home population. But huge poverty problem. It is reckoned that some 7M of total population of 30M do no have sufficient food for their daily existence. I witnessed very large numbers of people begging during the day, and sleeping rough on the streets at night. Saw groups of 4 and 5 children huddled together under blankets on the footpaths after dark getting ready for an uncomfortable night on the hard paving. The electricity to public lighting gets cut off every evening as darkness descends. Suddenly, even in the capital Kathmandu, you are walking in pitch black streets which quickly go silent and only the howling of hungry dogs and replies from other hungry dogs breaks the dark night quiet. Didn’t haggle with the locals when buying stuff, generally. Hadn’t the heart. Except for few taxi drivers who were taking the mick with the Western tourist MB.

Nepal Women
The women work harder that the men. Or so it seemed to me. Even in the mountain area of Nagarkot that I trekked through for a day, approx 90% of the lifting of crops and other loads was being done by the women. And very old women in many cases. Carrying heavy loads on their heads or by ropes on their backs. As I said earlier lads huge poverty and large percentage of the rural population (and even the urban population) living in very poor decrepit accommodation. But amazing to see how clean and stunning the women managed to look at all times with their multi-coloured clothes spotless throughout the day, even when working in the fields.

Was surprised to see and immediately recognise potato plants growing in the mountains as local villagers formed shelves on the mountain and hill slopes to create horizontal terraces that would allow potatoes to be grown. Men & women working together with picks & shovels clearing the ground, setting and picking the crop. Some of the crop for eating and some for sale to provide an income. Rice also growing in many locations.

Politically speaking the country is a disaster. The politicians have been fighting for 5 years about trying to make a constitution and make laws. But still no success. Someone told me they have 601 Ministers. Meanwhile the people live in one of the poorest countries in the world. Someone told me 10th poorest but not sure if this stat is correct.

Traffic in Kathmandu – a disaster. And creator of huge pollution. Many locals working in the city wear dust masks for protection. The problem is the combination of car fumes and dust rising from streets that have no paving in many places so dust constantly rising. Seems that in approx 2001 when the king was killed by his son (along with a number of other members of the Royal family) there were only a very small number of cars in the entire Kathmandu valley, but now there are tens of thousands, going as fast as they can along very narrow streets, more designed for rickshaws and motorbikes than cars. Petrol is very expensive bearing in mind the income levels. Approx 1.45 euro per liter I was told. So the car of choice, over 90% of all cars from what I could see, is the 800cc Suzuki Marutti. Very fuel efficient. And huge numbers of motorbikes and scooters. Was informed that 3 people per day get killed in motorbike/scooter accidents.

Mainly Buddhist (originally from Tibet) & Hindu (originally from India). Many of the temples permit both religions to worship together. The main Buddhist feature you will see are the prayer wheels which you spin while chanting a mantra. God will then forgive your sins. The Hindus have 3.5 Million Gods according to a Guide who showed me around a particular temple. But some are more famous and prominent than the others and some of the temples are dedicated to the more important Gods. The Hindus believe in reincarnation which happens again and again until you reach Nirvana. If you die from a snake bite you will immediately reach Nirvana as the snake is a sacred animal/serpent. Hindus also revere the cow. My guide told me that the general prison sentence for murdering a man is 7 to 8 years with 50% time off for good behaviour. If you kill a cow in Nepal you will receive 20 years.

The holy Bagmati river flows through Kathmandu. As revered by Hindus in Nepal as the Ganges by Hindus in India. And next to a temple area, very close to the airport, is where the Cremation of dead bodies takes place on a small polluted stretch of the Bagmati. I made photo album of the cremations. Which in another country and culture might be insensitive and disrespectful. But because the Hindu believe in reincarnation, the funeral cremations are (generally) a happy occasion as all are aware that the dead person will shortly be reincarnated in another form. It is not uncommon to see Hindus laughing and smiling at a funeral. It is consider a time of joy. As a tourist you are asked to give the family respect by keeping your distance and not to intrude on their privacy. I, like most others, moved to the other side of the river and took the photos with my zoom lens. I had seen this on YouTube before I went on my trip but to see the whole ceremony live was a really great experience.

There are 2 parts to the funeral ceremony. When the dead body arrives (normally by Government ambulance) it is taken to the purification area. This involves dressing the body in orange robes plus a few other rituals. But the main event of the purification involves taking the body to the edge of the river and dipping the feet in the water. At this stage Hindus believe that the soul has not yet left the body but the body is now purified. Two months back it was noticed during the purification that the body was still breathing. And obviously still alive. Body was immediately rushed to the ambulance and taken back to the local hospital.

The second part of the ceremony is the cremation. This involves a number of new rituals including pouring water on the head or mouth, marching around the body three times plus a few others. The critical element of this stage is the placing of fire in the mouth of the body. This is done, from what I could see, by stuffing some straw into the mouth of the body, and possibly use of oil, and then setting fire to the straw. At this instant the soul is considered to leave the body and the body is now officially dead.

Unfortunately, in the last year, two bodies awoke, or came out of coma, when they reached the ‘fire in the mouth’ stage. As I said above once the fire is lighting the Hindus consider the body as dead. So in the two referred instances, or whenever this might happen, it is considered that an evil spirit is trying to awaken the body. The family and cremation professionals will then use heavy bamboo poles to ‘quieten’ the body, as my Guide described the procedure. As in – they beat the body as hard as they can on the head and elsewhere to ensure it stays on the fire and to ensure that the evil spirit does not succeed.

I took the opportunity on first morning lads to take large chunky slice of Yak cheese with the breakfast. I immediately felt the surge of protective power eminating from said Yak product and it would appear lads, that in the nobel Yak, we have worthy competition for our beloved Middle East Camel. Who could ever have dreamed such a thing lads? If you suggested such an idea to me two weeks ago I would have laughed in your Kaffir face and asked some local Mullah to organise 50 lashes across your back for your insolence. But not any more lads. I would now be buying sooth-a-cream for you and begging your forgiveness.

Momos are considered the national dish and are yummy. Little parcels of meat or veg wrapped in a light cover, like dumplings at home. Maybe even served with icecream if that’s to your liking. Lots of Indian type foods, but loads of restaurants in Kathmandu and you can basically get any food you want. Themel is the main tourist area in the city, so loads of shops and bars for your delectation. Trekking shops like you never saw in your life, as KTM is the starting point for most trekkers and mountaineers heading for the peaks.

If you are connected to me on Facebook lads you will already have seen the photo albums I have posted up after the trip. Giving you all link to my trekking album which gives good idea of the rural scenery around the Nagarkot area. Think you can also look at the other albums when you log on – if you wish. Did not get to the Himilaya/Everest area but managed to take photos of the sun rising over the Himilayas from a viewing tower in Nagarkot, many many kilometers away (another of the pic albums).

Spent approx 5 hours trekking through mountain terrain and ended up in small village as dusk was approaching. No taxis in the village so jumped on a bus to get me to village that actually had taxis. Bus packed to capacity, so jumped on the roof along with many others, feet dangling over the edge and great vantage point for more pics! Very memorable journey.

So can give you all a very big recommend/yes for Nepal. Interesting fascinating place. Not really a place for a family holiday though When you go there its all action and/or sightseeing, so a reasonable level of fitness is necessary. They also have big adventure area for white water rafting, paragliding, bungi jumping, and other stuff near the border with Tibet, if you want to give the trekking and temples a miss. Big thanks to PS, Nepalese Crosser who gave me great advice before I traveled, and to MJ & LM who were great traveling companions on my first two days over there. Hope you both get back safe & sound in due course. Both now new members of the Crosser brigade.


HX Music
Am often asked out these parts if we have our own language in Ireland. Yes non-Irish Crossers – indeed we do. And to let you hear the sound of the Irish (Gaelic) language I give you Mr Sting singing traditional Irish song with the legendary Chieftains providing the music:

And received email little while back from Jade Dillon informing MB that she will shortly post up some more original songs on YouTube so will pass on to you all when I receive. Hope you all enjoyed her 2 great pieces of 2 weeks back.


HX Art (yes Cla – art!)
Received a few emails from Ruskie Crosser RK during the week, who grew up in Tatarstan in Russia before moving to Khazakstan in his teenage years. Anyway lads RK sent me on his favourite Paintings – by some Ruskie artist that I never heard of who is famous for his paintings of the sea. I am attaching RKs best known painting by his favourite artist. The name of the artist appears in Russian script in all the emails sent to me lads so I can not give you the artist’s name in a real language. Let me know what you all think.


HX Book Recommendation
Just finished a book called Three Cups Of Tea. About an American who got lost in the northern tribal area of Pakistan after failed attempt on K2. Went on to build many schools in the villages and ensure that many young girls got an education. Great read and great lessons for the great & the good.


Taj Mahal
Told you few weeks back lads that a developer in Dubai will now build a larger version of the Taj Mahal than the original version in India. He will use it as hotel & wedding venue. Will be huge success I think. Now some Indian politician is bleating on that it should not proceed. Donkey!———-New Nikon Camera
Quite a few Crossers into photography. If you are serious enthusiast you will normally chose Canon or Nikon. Nikon have new DSLR on the market which might be of interest to some.


Opportunity Knocks
MB is not slow to pass on business opportunities to you all lads when they arise. I have decided to pass on the following offer due to pressure of work but might be of interest to Cla and others. Email received by MB during the week:
I am very pleased and happy that contact with you, my name is Dee Kufo, I got your contact from your country and on the basis of the information provided to me which assured me of your opportunities
I decided to make you as a beneficiary of $ 10 million, as well as 80 kg of alluvial gold dust in storage here, Fidelity House in Ghana. the Fund belongs to Gen Hisham Ikhtiar  who was killed by the rebels during this Revolution.
I want you to be the next of kin of that person (Gen Hisham Ikhtiar), he did not have a family again, they where all killed in Syria, revolution, and if we succeed in having money and gold, we divide equally.
I work in a company where gold and money, we have their gold and money, I wanted you to have your cooperation in this businss proposal.
Now I’ve got all the relevant documents concerning the Fund and Gold Dust but the only thing that I require from you is your honest cooperation and sincerity Lite this is true, I need the following vital information below
(1) your full name
(2) your full contact address
(3) your age/country you come from.
NB I will need this information to work on the document, we want to change you to the nearest relatives ofGen Hisham Ikhtiar.
I assure you that once this is done, the transmission is in your care and gold will be sent for sale under your supervision. If you are interested, please kindly get back to me as soon as possible.
Waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.
With respect.
Kufo Dee
Facebook Friends
We just won’t tolerate this kind of carry-on lads. And be warned if any of you are thinking of coming out to visit MB and expecting him to engage in kissing or cuddling of any kind:Dubai: A student admitted in court on Monday that she cuddled and kissed with her lover consensually at his flat nearly 20 times after he promised to marry her. Prosecutors have accused the Pakistani student and her Indian lover, both aged 24, with hugging and kissing consensually without being married. “Yes it’s true. We hugged and kissed several times but that was after he promised to marry me,” the student claimed when she entered a guilty plea before the Dubai Misdemeanor Court. The Indian, who works in customer services, entered a guilty plea as well but denied that he promised to marry the woman.

DH – The Reluctant Emigrant

Thanks to DH for continuing to include us all in her weekly blog list. Unlike MB, DH is real writer with big future. Keep up the good work DH. Always enjoy your stuff.

Rolling In The Deep


Namaste lads (Goodbye lads)

Ma a-li a-li Ne-pa-li boll-chhu (I only speak a little Nepalese). So will leave it at that for this week lads.
TC all.