Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Over The Hill

Thanks to Donna for this week’s post whose blog site can be accessed HERE.

MB harks (or harps!) back to an old post to take up this week’s photo challenge – Over The Hill, and he includes a link to that post below for those interested in reading the full story/post.

In St. John’s Church graveyard in the village of Knockainey, mere spitting distance from MB’s HX locality back home, lies a most intriguing gravestone. The gravestone inscription tells the tale of one John Murphy, who was well over the hill – more than 100 years before he actually died!

MB kids you not dear followers. John Murphy died at age 219 years and the full gravestone inscription reads as follows:

John Murphy died this

11th day of October 1784

aged 219 years

May the Lord have mercy on his soul

So we can assume that many souls who thought John Murphy was over the hill over many generations did not actually live to attend JM’s funeral.

So MB guesses that the moral of the story is that we are never over the hill, even when we reach the 90s and beyond!

The photo of the gravestone, taken by MB, which a local had just rubbed some grass to – to get a clearer picture of the engraved text:

Full post can be read HERE.

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