Weekly Photo Challenge – Your Photographic Groove

Time for MB to get back into the swing of the weekly photo challenge!

This week the photo challenge is to show a shot, or shots, of the type of photos you most like shooting. Your photo groove, so to speak.

Thanks to Anne who set this week’s challenge and whose post can be viewed HERE.

Rather than pick landscape, or streetscape, or people, or whatever, MB will narrow it down even more.

To one single shot.

Every time MB travels home, at whatever day & time takes his fancy, MB gets in his car and heads to the old church ruin called New Church. New Church is poorly named, as it dates from approx 1640AD and became known by its present name in 1679AD following a refurbishment by Rachel, Countess of Bath.

But enough of the church and back to the photo!

There is an old stone wall at the back of the church grounds, which bounds Lough Gur lake on the other side. The view from the wall is stunning across the lake towards Lough Gur House, which is presently in the ownership of the O’Sullivan family. The photo will look different as the light changes, at different times of the day, or as the sun disappears behind some clouds, or when it comes out again. Swans are often swimming around that side of the lake, or waterhens or other lake birds enter the scene. The shot never disappoints, and MB has taken it probably hundreds of times.

That is the single shot that MB’s photographic groove!

The view from New Church, Lough Gur, Limerick, Ireland

4 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Your Photographic Groove

  1. Great take on the challenge. So many changes and opportunities with one landscape. I have a friend who shoots a lighthouse. Different times a day, different weather, seasons, close ups, landscape all offer a story, of that place. Groove on… love the photo. Donna Love th


  2. What a groovy image MB! Landscapes can be different depending on when they are photographed, the orientation and color. Yours is beautiful. Thanks for joining in!


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