MB previously attended a pre-covid AR concert in AR’s hometown of Maastricht, Holland, in July 2019. MB posted about that concert HERE.

AR hosts a number of concerts each July in his hometown, in Vrijthof Square in the town center. The concerts are part theater, drama, comedy, superb music and great great fun. The ever-changing electronic screen set behind the orchestra is a visual feast, especially if photography happens to be a hobby.

The atmosphere as one walks around the town pre-concert is infectious, with people traveling from all over the world to attend. Many could save themselves the journey, as AR’s world tours probably include many of the attendee’s home towns, but the Maastricht concerts are special so many want to attend.

The 07 July concert, which MB attended, was the first concert in the square since covid so represented much more than the resumption of music. The concerts start @ 9am so it’s still daylight in Maastricht at that time. Around the time of the interval, some 75 mins later, darkness descends, which gives the 2nd half of the concert a far different look and feel than the first.

So guys, get yourself to Maastricht next July, tickets in hand, and enjoy the fun!

A few MB Photos:

A few MB-taken videos (don’t get sea-sick!) :

The concert entrance of the 150-member male choir
MB doesn’t know the name of this one. Maybe someone can enlighted MB?
The song ‘Liabmo’ (Let’s Drink) from the opera La Traviata
A Maastricht Gloria Gaynor! This video does not do her justice. Her voice was incredible.
MB has mentioned the fun of the occasion. Maybe this one captures that somewhat.

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