Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Change your perspective

Thanks to Patti of Pilotfish Blogsite for her ‘Perspective’ challenge. Click HERE to view. Well worth doing so.

Patti’s photo lesson is that by simply moving the position of the camera up or down or whatever (moving away from traditional ‘stand up, point and shoot’) can give a photo a more dramatic effect.

Take MB’s shot of a tram station in central Europe from a few years back, for example. The weather was crisp and cold, but the ground was bone dry. To get a different perspective, MB lay flat on his stomach on the street, during a brief peaceful interlude from passing traffic, to get the following shot for a ‘something different’ look.

But it’s not REALLY dramatic MB.

OK lads. MB agrees that it’s not the most dramatic shot ever taken by MB. He’s just using it to make a point, perspective-related.

It’s still not dramatic MB.

Oh, forget it lads!




12 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Change your perspective

  1. I love this shot, Micheal. It reminds me of the kites, but then this would be a gigantic kite pulled by an airplane! Laying flat on your stomach to take this shot sounds like what enthusiastic photographer would do. I remember laying flat on my back to take a photo of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to get a look-up view. I asked my husband to guard me from trampled by the tourists!


  2. Great shot, MB. I love the perspective. I must admit I got a bit nervous when you wrote: “MB lay flat on his stomach on the street, during a brief peaceful interlude from passing traffic, to get the following shot for a ‘something different’ look.” Yikes! The outcome was great, though!


  3. Excellent. VERY good point of view. The train looks so small, the colors and lines all converge. Well done.


  4. Ah, Micheal – excellent! And I happen to love this place – “The Unicorn Stable” in Lodz.


      • Ha, I am usually bad at remembering spots – but this one – I had a great time in Lodz! Thank you!


      • Wutch, as ‘Lodz’ is pronounced in English, also has spectacular street graffitti, if you got a chance to walk around. Think they host an international graffitti festival each year. Again – good spot Leya!


      • In Sweden we pronounce it Wudge – almost the same. Thank you for the tip, Micheal, and I have loads of photos of the gorgeous graffitti there. Didn’t know they had a festival though…I went there two years in a row for the Light Move Festival.


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