Sofia’s got a sister. Welcome baby Maria!

Sofia’s got a sister!

Shortly after baby Sofia’s birth on 10 February 2017, MB started, what has turned into a series of blog posts of the life of Sofia as she grows up in her native Middle East.  The background to those posts is that MB works with Sofia’s mom R and dad E, who are nationals of Lebanon, from Lebanon’s northern Christian community. MB intends to continue to chronicle Sofia’s life as she grows up in the years ahead. Mom R has, however, now put the gun to MB’s head, figuratively speaking of course, to include Maria in all future post titles, lest Maria feel left out in the future. MB has willingly agreed!

MB’s previous posts are as follows:

1. Baptism
2. 1st Birthday
3. Feast of St Barbara
4. Sofia is 2!

On 14 August 2019, a mere few weeks back, only-child Sofia got a sister when baby Maria arrived. Maria is so-called because 15 August is the Christian/Catholic feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (MB’s birthday as it happens!), which is strongly celebrated in Lebanon on the evening of 14.

The really good news is that baby Maria and mom R have come through the birth unscathed and both are well. In recent days R has actually returned to work, bringing some nice gifts to MB from her Lebanese homeland! Other good news is that Sofia is in no way jealous of her baby sister and is quite protective of her, as followers can see in the below photos, supplied to MB by super-shooter and ace-architect mom R. MB will actually get to meet the entire family in the flesh next weekend.

Sofia & Maria’s ME region continues to be in a state of flux and, sadly, not good flux for the most part.

The blockade of Qatar by neighbouring countries (where MB and Sofia, Maria, mom & dad reside) continues, with no end in sight. Lebanon has, in recent months, suffered very negative financial news in terms of its banking system and currency value, not to mention difficulties with neighbouring Israel and internal political shenanigans. MB is of the opinion that the travails of Lebanon have a long way to go in the negative direction before there is any possibility of a positive direction. Saudi Arabia, in recent weeks, suffered a major attack on its oil facilities, with many in the region having little sympathy for the Saudis, for reasons of their involvement in the war in Yemen and others. Iran is presently in the sights of USA, Israel and a number of Arab allies, for reasons largely bogus in nature, in the opinion of MB. Iraq in recent days has seen huge public protests against lack of jobs, corruption and poor life prospects generally. The war in Syria is ended but the peace phase looks like being more problematic than the war phase in many ways, thankfully minus the deaths of course.

So, in the opinion of MB, if the Middle East is to have hope for the future, it will be in the hands and hearts of Sofia and Maria and their generation. When MB looks at the faces of Sofia and Maria, he can see that hope. Let’s do all we can to support them.

Big welcome to planet Earth to baby Maria from MB. Yalla!

The below shots include Sofia and new sister Maria. The centre shot, designed by mom R, includes the handprints of dad E and mom R with the footprints of Sofia and Maria. Beautiful idea!




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