Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Weathered or Worn

AC has set this week’s challenge with her ‘weathered or worn‘ topic.

For the challenge, MB has selected a shot of Boucher’s Castle from his HX homeland, taken on 01 January just past.

Boucher’s Castle was built in the 15th century by the local Earls of Desmond who were descendants of the Fitzgerald family who came to Ireland in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Earls made a crucial mistake of revolting against Queen Elizabeth 1st of England. They were attempting to maintain control over their vast estate of some 800,000 acres and were partly motivated, it is said, by the fact that they were Roman Catholic whilst the English crown had become Protestant.

The 15th and final Earl of Desmond, Gerald, was hunted down and killed in Castleisland, County Kerry, following a betrayal. He was beheaded after death. To prove that he had been captured and killed, his head was sent to London; present whereabouts of said head presently unknown!

The entire estate was confiscated as a result of the failed rebellion and the lands around the Lough Gur lake, some 13,000 acres, came into the possession of Sir George Boucher, an English army General who had fought against the Desmonds. The Boucher family occupied the castle and lands until the late 17th century. Subsequently, they passed to the Fane and De Salis families through marriage and inheritance.

MB credits the locally produced HX book This is Lough Gur for the above information.




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