Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – History

Thanks to Patti for this weeks photo challenge.

Fox hunting, by means of horses and hounds, started in England some 500 years ago and has continued to the present day in Ireland and in a number of other countries. It was banned in Scotland in 2002 and in England & Wales in 2005. Interestingly, in these days of Brexit/Northern Ireland Backstop etc, fox hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland. Followers of the Brexit story will be aware that Northern Ireland Unionists are opposed to the backstop as they do not want NI to be treated any differently than the rest of the UK. The ‘fox hunting’ irony is obviously lost on them.

MB was out and about earlier today and caught the below shot from his car window. Being late afternoon, the pack of hounds and their Master were returning home after a day on the chase.


8 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – History

  1. I agree with Patti – a lovely shot of past and present. I love the shadows and light saying the day is coming to an end as well.

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  2. Fantastic shot, MB! As Patti said above, it’s a great snapshot of two eras (thankfully not literally) colliding. I imagine it must have been quite loud with all of those beagles, though. Heavens, the noise even one of those can make!


    • Thanks Heide. Just FYI – the dogs are fox hounds, not beagles. Beagles are used for hunting also in Ireland and are only accompanied by people on foot – zero horses. Beagles, being very slow dogs, never catch anything! Regards.

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      • My goodness. I’m so glad to have made this mistake with a friend than to show my ignorance in your beautiful home country. Thank you for the education in canine nomenclature, MB!

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