Six Word Saturday

If I get up at 5.30am

Thanks to blogger friend J for informing MB of the Saturday 6-word challenge set by blogger Debbie of blog site ‘Travel With Intent’. Really decent of them both to adopt lost-puppy MB and allow him to partake, following the demise of the weekly photo challenge.

And following an exchange of communications between J and MB (see below) MB has done a little rewrite of the post, which you are now reading if indeed anybody reads this! This week, in MB’s first attempt at the challenge, he has taken the 6 words used by J and just had a go. Now that he knows the rules (but “there are no rules” according to J) he may set his own 6 words in the future. Maybe.

Anyway, to this weeks challenge………………..

If MB gets up at 5.30am, and if he happens to be in Istanbul, and if he happens to wander down Istiklal Avenue from Taxim Square to the Church of St Anthony of Padua, perhaps because he has lost something, as St Anthony is the patron Saint of lost stuff and finding it again, then maybe, just maybe, after grabbing some Simit bread from a street seller, MB might catch the sun rising over the top of the adjoining buildings and behold the spectacle of the early morning rays illuminating (not Illuminati) the church spire.




8 Comments on “Six Word Saturday

      • Aw. So sorry to hear you’re feeling like a bit of a lost puppy, MB. Would it help if I started giving you weekly prompts? (This week: Eat more falafel.)

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  1. I like the way you can’t really see anything in that shadowed part, MB. But I’m afraid you’re confused about the challenge. It’s not my challenge, I only take part in it. Debbie at Travel with Intent is the host and here’s today’s Six-Word link: You can link your post there and, as I understand it, there should be six words in the title of your post. You can also see other entries if you like. Cheers and have a great weekend!!



    • So MB’s got to come up with his own 6 words?! You never told MB that J! So are you OK if MB just plagerizes your 6 words? I mean, he’s a really busy guy and hardly has time to be taxing his brain searching for 6 words. Could take him an eternity. Or maybe this is against the rules?


      • There really aren’t any rules, so feel free to riff off mine, no additional charge. 🙂 But you may want to link to Debbie’s post if you’d like more visits.


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