Foto Friday – Rainfall


It’s been a week of daily rainfall in Qatar this past week. MB has seen nothing like it during his many-year Middle Eastern sojourn. Alas, however, he didn’t manage to capture any Qatar rain shots. 

But to run with the rain theme, MB is giving you all a rain shot from his November 2016 trip to Amsterdam with daughter MB2. MB has previously advised that he considers your average Dutch/Amsterdam cyclist the most skilful in the world, by a long mile. Yes indeed, Franz or Greetje can almost eat their dinners with knife and fork as they cycle along the canal banks as if such magic is a thing of nonchalance and nothing. To the manor born and all that, MB is thinking.

Anyway, here is a shot of one such Amsterdam lady cyclist in a middle of a monsoon downpour, that had MB & MB2 scampering for shelter under the sun umbrella of a canal-side cafe, lest they get washed away into the aforementioned canal. Greetje is managing to steer her bicycle in the middle of the torrential rainfall, hold a conversation with her useless husband, who is probably asking her how to turn on the oven, and all without even a head cover. Incredible!

MB welcomes any fellow-bloggers who wish to follow MB’s Foto Friday theme. MB will post early Friday morning (Qatar time) FYI.


3 Comments on “Foto Friday – Rainfall

  1. The subject of your photo is indeed impressive — she doesn’t even look all that perturbed at the buckets of water that are falling around her! Great shot, MB.


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