Qatar National Day

Today, 18 December, is National Day in Qatar and it’s a public holiday. We can describe it, for the benefit and explanation of HX non-Arab followers, as a sort of Islamic/Arab St Patrick’s Day.

The major celebration events of the aerobatics display and fireworks were canceled due to current events in Aleppo, but many cultural & family events took place. MB was out and about with his camera. On entering the event in the Al Sadd area, the security staff asked MB to sign the following:


Taking photos of the abiya (burka) clad ladies is a red line that anybody with a camera must be careful not to cross, and MB was not surprised to see that particular rule listed at Nr 1. So MB was happy to sign the permit and entered the event where he was careful not to point his camera in the direction of any local females, which was a tad difficult as the event was almost entirely attended by local families.

In any event, MB made the most of it and herewith gives you some shots from his Qatar National Day adventure:


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