Foto Friday

MB recently recommended Ireland to an Arab acquaintance who wants to go on a horse riding holiday.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Friend


MB remembers the love his two sisters had for horse riding in their younger days. Like most young girls who share that same pastime, MBs sisters always considered their horses a close friend. The horse friend was/is very often treated with far more TLC than, for example, a brother!

MB saw this guy as he drove on the road from Lough Gur lake to HX last week when he was home, and stopped to take the shot.


Foto Friday – Stables

Just round the corner from Souq Waqif in Doha, there’s a camel and horse stables complex. Horses often sleep in the standing position. These three had just dozed off when MB captured them.



Qatar National Day

Today, 18 December, is National Day in Qatar and it’s a public holiday. We can describe it, for the benefit and explanation of HX non-Arab followers, as a sort of Islamic/Arab St Patrick’s Day. Read More

Weekend Trip Home

MB took a flying visit home last weekend. Lots of local events were taking place, particularly relating to the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule.

Some pics from the trip:



Photo Of The Day (2) – The Horse Ride at HX

12 September 2013