Sudan – Wedding (more!)

First & foremost, let’s start with the band.

MB shot this short very blurry arty video to give you all a flavour of the music and crack at the wedding in Khartoum – where the Blue & White Nile rivers converge (zero relevance to the wedding or the music ladies – just geographical knowledge). Listen also for the high pitched shrieks from some the ladies present at approx 50 seconds – called ‘ullulation’. They are doing so to honour the bride or groom:

“Hey ladies! Did MB tell you that he is available to do your wedding? Yes he is. Yes Mam. MB has his Canon 7D all cleaned up, greased up, wrapped up & ready to go”. “Are you any good MB?” one or two of you doubting Thomasettes may ask. “Man, MB is truly awesome, he can assure all you ladies eager to have MB on your big day. Cracking shots assured. Did you, per chance, take a peep at yesterday’s post ladies, with all those super sexy wedding shots from Sudan? And just look at more of the same in today’s effort ladies, from the same wedding of Ola & Amr in Khartoum. Check out – stop – just a joke ladies! Do not ask Mr Google such a question as MB is just joking with you all (actually MB decided to google it anyway and it’s still available – must take that domain name real soon).

“And how much do you charge MB?”, MB can just hear all you single ladies screaming at your laptop / notepad / smart phone screens as you read of MB’s availability and get all uber (MB knows some German cause he is smart as hell and well traveled and worldly wise and occasionally uses German words in his posts for added ‘uumph’) excited at the thought of having one of your favourite shooters / men along to ‘do’ your big gig.

“Well ladies, MB is not cheap”, as you would all by now expect. Cause MB is total & utter quality. And MB will bring a certain pazzaz to your day ladies – rest assured”. “And WTF is pizzaz MB?, MB can hear a few of you non-HX ladies asking. “Well ladies, MB just looked up ‘pizzaz’ and it’s defined on some online site as – an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. 

“Now who wouldn’t want some vitality & glamour on their big day ladies?”. “Nobody MB”. “Thank you ladies”.

“But how much MB? How much to ‘have’ you?”. “Well ladies, on account of fact you are all followers of MB and his HX blog for long time back and adore his every word, MB is gonna offer all you ‘follower’ ladies a big discount. Normal MB price for his ‘Pizzaz/Cracking Shot’ wedding photo service – USD 20,000.00 (cash only). But for all you ‘follower’ ladies, let’s call it an easy USD 15,000.00 (still cash only) and thank you ladies for acknowledging MB’s one hell of a generous offer. BTW – that’s the price for any wedding in Africa. Weddings outside of the dark continent – add USD 5,000.00. On account of fact that African weddings and African people are great fun with great music and great big beautiful smiles and everyone is laughing and all the ladies are shrieking high pitched shrieks, adding to all the fun and everyone is clicking their fingers above their heads as they move to the music.

“You are a real hero MB. Thanks for your great ‘do it for practically nothing‘ wedding offer”. “Do not mention ladies. Afwan – as MB and others might say out these parts. Just leave your name, contact email and confirmation of funds in the comment box below, with your wedding date and continent. Get right back to you. But get in quick ladies. MB’s wedding diary is filling up faster that one of those African cheetahs. Book early as poss and avoid the possibility of tear stained heart aching disappointment. Chat soon ladies”.

Some additional photos below ladies- by way of advertising MB’s awesome service. Even MB’s blurry shots are totally deadly! Look forward to ‘doing’ you real soon ladies!

(And if you like any pic in particular – please click on it and you will see it in much higher definition).


IMG_6136 IMG_6138 IMG_6152_2 IMG_6166 IMG_6170 IMG_6233 IMG_6317 IMG_6326 IMG_6347 IMG_6417 IMG_6440_2 IMG_6451_2 IMG_6457_2 IMG_6458_2 IMG_6460_2 IMG_6475_2 IMG_6476_2 IMG_6478 IMG_6480_2 IMG_6484 IMG_6485_2 IMG_6487_2 IMG_6492 IMG_6503_2 IMG_6509_2 IMG_6513_2 IMG_6520_2 IMG_6523_2_2 IMG_6529 IMG_6530 IMG_6544 IMG_6550_2 IMG_6563_2 IMG_6566_2 IMG_6568_2 IMG_6572_2 IMG_6583_2 IMG_6585_2 IMG_6589_2 IMG_6590_2 IMG_6593_2 IMG_6625_2 IMG_6325 IMG_6338 IMG_6528_2 IMG_6345 IMG_6567 IMG_6445_2 IMG_6539_2 IMG_6470_2 IMG_6562_2 IMG_6301 IMG_6486 IMG_6438 IMG_6515_2 IMG_6589 IMG_6134 IMG_6169 IMG_6616_2 IMG_6551

10 Comments on “Sudan – Wedding (more!)

  1. indeed it was beautiful wedding and am in one of your pictures: ) amazing job glad you had fun in sudan


  2. Looks like it was great fun. The first time we went to a Qatari wedding (female party only), the ululating absolutely terrified Kiddo. She was about 5 or 6 at the time and thought the old ladies shrieking were about to kick the bucket!


  3. Beautiful bride and groom, wedding so colourful and bright. Will offer $50k hard cash if you be my photographer…..cause you’re worth it!


    • Sweet divine Lord. I have sold myself short with the 20K. Offers of 50K now flooding in. And consider booking that wedding band RB – hope you listened to the vid. Thanks for the booking. Pizzaz assured. Just pass on your date etc. Assume Europe. Keep well.


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