Flying the flag!

Morning all
MB back in Dubai on visa run and little time on his hands for great compositions.

MB recently informed you all that Dubai was recently awarded the World Expo in 2020, and there was much back slapping and high fives on account. Huge pride from the residents all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the national flag now hangs from anything that an Emirati can get some rope around. So is partially the pic theme of today’s effort. To give you all some flavour.

Called out to one of MB’s favourite haunts in Dubai last night called Global Village. Huge place, trading pavilions from many countries, great buzz and camera-shoot heaven. MB met up with Yemeni pals who are honey traders and makers of jewellery. MB purchased a half kg of a honey mix that he has not previously tried. It’s mix of normal honey from the Yemeni mountain valleys, mixed with some royal jelly honey and a generous portion of ginseng powder. Powerful medicine MB suspects. As he handed it to MB, the Yemeni lad smiled and said – every day one spoon, every day a honeymoon! So ladies, MB will let you all know if it does what it says on the tin! Some of the pics this week also from last night out at Global Villager.

Had communication few days back from Crosser AR who lives in Australia, but comes originally from the Irish homeland. From the capital City Dublin. AF sent a pic of some pelicans that he shot on a beach down under with his iPad. On Rossnett Island, off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia. The pelicans later chased his wife down the beach. AF was really happy with the result (of the shot, not the the wife chasing) and sent begging email to MB to include shot in the HX Report, which MB now does on account of fact that MB is kind soul who always shows generosity to lesser photo shooters. So, for what it’s worth, here is AF’s shot:

Not a bad shot, MB must begrudgingly admit


Back home we refer to such specimens (like AF who come from Dublin) as ‘Dubs’. Now just like many other countries, there is always a little ‘needle’ back home between those who are Dubs and those who are not. MB also sees it with Egyptians and other nationalities since his arrival in the ME. Just like Ireland and the Dubs. In the Irish situation those of us who are not Dubs like MB, always hope that the Dubs lose every football match. We pray that swarms of locusts will attack their crops and that their goats will produce very little milk. Etc. You get MB’s gist. But apart from the foregoing we wish them well. Sort of.

AF mentioned that this shot was a sign of a Dub in top form. On top of his game. And that MB should really appreciate. Ya right AF. Throwing down the gauntlet like that to MB is like swimming in some of those Aussie shark-infested waters. A place to go at your peril. Well Mr AF, Mr Pelican Man, Mr Dub – MB accepts. You are on!

So today Crossers, all the photos are taken by MB on his iPad. Except for the so called ‘great Dub pelican shot’ or whatever the hell it’s called.

And on account of fact that MB is tight for time ladies, he will bid you all adieu, and chat again next weekend

Take care ladies.



PS: Conclusion – On finishing this post and having looked at all the pics, MB concludes that his daylight pics are just as clear as AR’s pelicans. But the iPad struggles a little in the artificial light at night. Note to self – contact the Cupirtino lads and request a few adjustments.

































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