ME Culture (9)

The Temple Of Hercules at Amman, Jordan is illuminated at night by powerful floodlights at ground level, and being the highest point in the city is visible for miles around.

The local kids, like kids the world over, couldn’t care less about historic temples, but use the lights to play night time football underneath the stone columns.



6 Comments on “ME Culture (9)

  1. I’d be freaking out over the preservation and conservation of such sites. They are irreplaceable! Night time football? Really? *deep sigh*


    • Thanks for comment MM. I see it a different way. That site adjoins a run down poor area of the old part of Amman. There are no facilities available for kids so they use what they can. No harm done, and it makes that site part and parcel of the local community. Kids will be kids. Better football than graffiti I think.


      • You make a great point, friend. I concur. One just has to make do with what’s presented to them. Football would certainly be greater than graffiti or even vandalism. Thanks for sharing the photos by the way. =)


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