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Greetings lads

It’s only a few short days away from MB’s departure back to the homeland, to kith and kin. MB will take break from the blogging for few weeks ’till he gets back from the Emerald Isle. But as will be burning out the camera with pics, will post up some good ones for all Crosser followers to drool over. Yes lads, drooling will be the order of the day for you all over next few weeks. Inshallah the sun will shine when MB is at home and he will blow you away with the awesome images.


JFK daughter Caroline Kennedy is really looking forward to meeting and shooting the breeze with MB, according to word on the street in Bruff & Boston. Believe PD & his organising team are still awaiting confirmation of the full itinerary from Barak Obama or Michelle or one of the kids or whoever, but seems CK will spend most of the day hanging around HX eating the rashers & sausages (not being a Muslim) and thick wedges of home-made bread dripping with Irish butter. And tea. Lots of tea. We love tea back home. CK may believe the Boston Tea Party was eventful tea occasion. But just wait ’till she lands in HX. In the ‘tea’ sense she aint seen nothin yet.

Anyway, as it’s MB’s final blog before trip home, he wants to wish CK a safe journey to her ancestral homeland of HX, where many a long-dead relative is reposed and decomposed, and where she will ‘find’ herself next week. MB will be there to hold her hand lads, so rest assured all will be well. And just you all wait for the pics!



So on account of the forthcoming blog break lads, MB will give you extra special savage awesome blog this week, with lots of extras. Extra music, extra photos, and some incredibly savage awesome stories and prose. Suggest you all take a break now, go make some tea (or ‘chi’ if you are Indian, or ‘shie’ if you are Arab) and come back to the blog when your brain is refreshed and alert. Those brain cells will need to be razor-sharp to keep up with what’s coming.


This week’s pics – relate to one or two of the stories and the balance are memories from MBs trip home at same time last year.


Ok lads. Let the awesomness begin.


This week MB gives you all 2 clips, not one. Each is a classic in humble opinion of MB. Both are folksy pieces, reflecting MBs ever so slight musical preference.



First clip has a loads of Jamaican Rastas gigging with some elderly white Irish Catholic Rastas. MB includes rare pic of Bob Marley (which I may have given you previously) playing around with a soccer ball. MB took this photo, which is a photo of a photo) at a Photo exhibition in Dubai last year. Was taken by an American photographer who did a feature on reggae music in Jamaica ever before BM & The Wailers came to world prominence. Great great pic to get for MB’s photo library.


The second clip is a very old English folk ballad sung by maybe the greatest ever Irish folk band, at a reunion concert in Dublin few years back. Fantastic singer, musicians, music, story. Enjoy.



Reardons Pub – mid way through a repaint


The Greatest Medical Discovery – Ever – In the history of the universe – Discovered by MB only this week
There was MB in the Pharmacy in a run-down part on Northern Riyadh few days back lads. Mooching around the floor space looking for razor blades or shampoo or other worthless consumer products. Merrily whistling a tune, softly, as music is haram in the Muslim holy land, as MB has been warned on a number of occasions. Loud whistling may result in a public flogging, and much as MB loves the choons, he does not want to risk grizzly damage to his milky white soft baby skin, just for sake of whistling few choons. No lads, on this particular occasion, MB was whistling softly, yet melodically, just mooching, as MB already said.


And then it happened lads. The greatest medical discovery ever, and MB can now take full credit for spreading the news outside the Muslim world, and hopefully scoop a load of commission into the bargain. Ane what exactly is your discovery MB? Well lads it’s only the most mind-blowing incredible medicine ever known to humankind. It’s a 100% natural medicine lads that…….. wait for it lads…………. cures all diseases!!!!!!! No lads, not 50%, or 75% of all known diseases, but 100% of every disease ever known to man.


As it
happened lads, MB had previously come across the same ingredient, but mashed up and mixed with honey to provide a powerful covering for your morning bowl of porridge or whatever. But when the oil is extracted it becomes, seemingly, a cure-all 100% guaranteed solution to ALL DISEASES – a wonder recipe.

MB looked around the Pharmacy, amazed to see local donkeys queueing up to buy tooth brushes, hair clips, Panadol, antibiotics, and other useless garbage – when they could have and should have been grabbing the last remaining bottles of the wonder medicine from the nearby shelf – for only 7 Euro per bottle. MB took quick look out the door to see if there was queue of Arabs down the street to get into the shop – but no – amazingly – there was no one outside, and it seemed that only MB had spotted the elixir of life lying untouched on the shelf in the Muslim pharmacy. Allah u akbar, as we say out here a lot lads. God is indeed great.

MB grabbed the 2 remaining bottles of the recipe, went up to the cashier, handed over the 70 Riyals, and ran as fast as his legs would carry him to the safety of the 4×4, lest he should be mugged and lose the liquid treasure. You will all notice from the pic lads that MB is consuming a nightly spoonful, and is pleased to report that what it says on the box is apparently true. In the 4 days since MB started consuming, he feels a million dollars, and is almost certain that he is getting younger by the day. Will keep you all updated in the coming months lads, but am sure that this is going to be one of those life stories that is only full of happiness and humor. Allah u akbar for sure!


Obama & The Irish Woman
Remember the Irish lady on the Obama campaign team who insulted Hilary Clinton. Obama had to fire her at the time. But she has stayed in the loop and now made a comeback. Hard to keep a good lady down:


Arranged Marriage
Few weeks back MB & Miss L did few pieces on arranged marriage, which is the norm out these parts. Miss L told the story from her perspective, a young Muslim lady who is at the stage of life when marriage or search for a suitable partner is to the fore. MB knows the dad of Miss L and she is lucky to have one like him.


MB has introduced some other bloggers to you of late and wants to do so again this week. Came across another young Muslim lady in similar circumstances, but in her case she was not blessed with a good father. The opposite in fact, a real tyrant to put it mildly. With no concern for the wishes or welfare of his daughter.


MB recommends you read the full blog lads. It tells a really sad story. Even more sad is the comment posted by the author/blogger as one of the many many comments at bottom of the blog. To save you all searching, its a posting at 12.03pm on 6th June. Just scroll down until you find it.


I am madly in love with a good man.

Next week, I am going to marry another.

I have cried more tears this year than I have cried in my entire life. I have been brought so low that I cannot see a way out. I no longer trust my own judgment, my own thoughts, my own brain or heart. I used to be amazing. Now I am a mere shadow of who I used to be.

You read about stories like this. But you never understand how it could happen now, in the 21st century.  You never imagine it could be you.

I am crying bitterly, shaking my fist at the sky, and my heart feels it will burst at the injustice of it. I am not being forced into it. Just, you know, bullied, pushed and coerced.

I know. It sounds like the plot of a torrid Bollywood film, Turkish soap opera, an old black-and-white American movie. But it’s my life.

I’m no ignorant teenager living in the mountains of Afghanistan or in the deserts of Yemen. I am an educated, worldly woman in my late twenties. I have a Ph.D. I have traveled all over the world, and I have a very successful career. I am independent and I can take care of myself.

So, how is this happening? The same old story: a family that misuses religion.


Viber in Saudi Arabia
Is now no more lads. Was taking revenue from the local telecoms. Looks like Skype and WhatsApp will go the same way shortly:


Dubai Design District
Looks like we are going to compete shortly with Paris and New York in the field of fashion:


The Birds
Remember that Hitchcock movie that frightened us all as kids lads? When the birds started pecking the hell out of the humans. Well lads it’s started recently in Dubai. Where it seems that a local crow is none to happy with the humans. And is on all out attack. The Indian lad who is interviewed seems to be bit of an expert on these matters and has come up with few theories:


“I have seen at least six to seven people get ‘beaked’ by the big black bird. It’s definitely one particular bird that does it all the time,” said Indian expatriate Satyam Singh Tomer who lives in the area.

His friend Ashutosh Sandhir, who was attacked last week, recalled: “I was walking back from the car park it came out of nowhere and swooped down upon me, grazing my neck. I saw a chemist immediately who then prescribed a lotion. Thankfully it wasn’t infectious.”


UAE Heat Break
Anyone who has worked in UAE construction industry will be aware that its Government rule that construction workers get extended break during hottest time of the day – when its 40 to 50C. Even outside of the break time its hotter than hell and very difficult to be out doors, let alone to be grafting on a construction site in full uniform:


Dubai: The mandatory midday break for labourers, who work in the sun during the summer months, will start on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Labour.

The break starts after the ministry’s decision that companies will have to give a two-and-a-half-hour break from 12.30pm to 3pm to labourers who work in open areas such as construction sites.

Maher Al Owaid, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Labour for inspection affairs, said yesterday at a press conference held at the ministry that the daily working hours must not exceed eight hours in the morning or night shifts, and overtime should be paid to those working additional hours.

“Our inspectors will follow up all companies and those found breaking the midday break rules or employing worker not on their sponsorship will face penalty by the ministry as per the labour laws,” he said.


Saudi Prince
Dont know if this story is attracting any headlines at home lads, but the richest Arab in the world has had a right tiff with Forbes magazine of late when he alleged that they undervalued his wealth by 9.6 Billion USD.


London: Saudi Arabia’s Prince Al Waleed has insisted his high court libel action against the business magazine Forbes is “not about ranking on some list or personal wealth”.

Al Waleed, who is one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen, is suing Forbes in London over an article published alongside its coveted Rich List, which he claims underestimated his fortune by $9.6 billion.

The billionaire said he is seeking damages from the magazine over “seriously defamatory comments” about him and his investment vehicle, Kingdom Holdings Company, which owns stakes in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and London’s Savoy hotel.

In the first official statement since the Guardian revealed his libel claim last week, Al Waleed’s office said: “The basis for actively pursuing a legal action against Forbes would not be about ranking on some list or personal wealth, it is about correcting seriously defamatory comments that have been made about HRH Prince Al Waleed as an individual and Kingdom Holding Company.”


Homeward Bound
Got to go clean the camera lads and iron few shirts. It’s nearly flight time. Have a nice weekend all & MB will be back in few weeks. Look out for few pics in the interim.


Salam from MB

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