Lens-Artists Challenge – Silhouettes

Greetings to all from MB.

A little explanation of the weekly photo challenge before MB gives his offering. The weekly photo challenge was conceived by four lady bloggers/photographers over one year back. Each takes their turn consecutively to post a weekly theme and the rest of the sheep, like MB, then follow suit. Read More

Winter Solstice

At Grange Stone Circle. South West Ireland. Yesterday, 21 December 2014.


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Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 1 – Winter Solstice

Winter solstice at Grange Stone Circle, HX, Ireland. 21st December 2013.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation

Blog Post Nr 100!

21 December 2012. Winter solstice early morning. Outside my front door, more or less. Incredible sky.

Saturation – from the Gods!