The strange tale of the Irish Cherokee Indian & the lady with rebel blood

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Two Tribes

Greetings Crossers
Tight for time today so MB will just briefly mention a party he got invited to last night. A meeting of two tribes. Two major families. And they invited MB along. No kidding. 300 Saudi males, plus MB walking amongst them with some HX swagger! Lots of sword swinging, dancing, poetry recitation, and much tribal singing from the Saudis. All very traditional and interesting.¬† And MB stuck in the thick of it all. But no better buchaill (‘boy’ – in Irish Gaelic) to record the occasion. Made a few videos using the video mode on the camera, and took loads of shots. Will give you all the video next week, as will take some time to upload. But giving you a bunch of pics today to give you flavour.
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