Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Tamil Hindu festival celebration on streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka, yesterday 10th August 2013. Not sure what its about but will find out. Men are hung from poles (fixed to pickup trucks) via ropes and meat hooks fixed through skin and muscle tissue. Other revellers push and pull them so they swing spectacularly back & forth as the truck drives along. Shot this from…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Arbeit Macht Frei. Sachenhausen (pronounced ‘Saxenhausen‘) was the nearest concentration camp to Berlin before & during WW2, based in the  Nazi supporting (at that time) region of Oranienburg, approx 1 hour train journey from the city. MB visited in April 2008. Deeply disturbing to do the tour, but recommend to any who might visit Berlin. Unforgettable experience of a ‘not nice but very memorable’…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Mary Howard’s Pub)

Mary Howard’s Pub, Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland. Met Mary at home few weeks ago. She informed MB that she had seen the pic of her pub posted by MB last Christmas. She proudly informed him that she had engaged a colour consultant to chose the colours for the external refurb, prior to arrival of Caroline Kennedy (daughter of JFK) to the village few weeks…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

3 From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Bread bakes inside a mud oven, Afghani restaurant Lemon juice is drizzled over the roast chicken, Indian restaurant A farmer sells his produce before Friday prayer outside mosque in Northern Riyadh

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

3 from The Grange Stone Circle on Summer solstice morning. 21st June 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Local saying back home – ‘I doubt it said Croker’. Lord Croker was lying on his death bed when someone tried to console him with the thought he was going to a better place. His looked up and gave the immortal response – “I doubt it”. The ruins of Croker’s mansion are across the road from my parents farm at Grange, County Limerick, Ireland.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Horses @ Lough Gur, Ireland. 21 June 2013.

Weekly Phopo Challenge – The World Through Your Eyes

Observing the Summer solstice sunrise at Grange Stone Circle, Lough Gur, Ireland. 21st June 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Did someone say curves?! Giving you 6 of the best from end April 2013 visit to Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Mosque is open to people of all religions to worship. And to respectful photographers. On an overcast day, or any day, it’s jaw droppingly beautiful. Apologies to all that many of these have already featured in one of MB’s recent…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

A passing cloud wraps around the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, for a few moments before passing on. April 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says (My top 10!)

Ten Of the best! Restaurant, Northern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Buddist prayer flags, Kathmandu, Nepal. Each colour represents a different element – fire, water, earth….. Gurka memorabilia shop, Kathmandu If you get to Kathmandu, try the mo mos, the national dish. Yum! You will never go wrong with chocolate! Ireland – lots & lots of history The home village in Ireland – lots & lots of…

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background

Pigeon & friends. At a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. October 2012.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From above

From my hotel balcony. Hamra St, Beirut, Lebanon. February 2012.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Sunrise over the Himalayas, Nepal. October 2012. Beat that!