Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Tamil Hindu festival celebration on streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka, yesterday 10th August 2013. Not sure what its about but will find out.

Men are hung from poles (fixed to pickup trucks) via ropes and meat hooks fixed through skin and muscle tissue. Other revellers push and pull them so they swing spectacularly back & forth as the truck drives along.

Shot this from open door of my bus as we passed it on the street.



3 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

  1. oh gosh…have documentaries about this!!! cannot imagine seeing it in real life!!


    • I was in a bus and we passed one of the trucks. Shock to the system to see a man hooked like a piece of meat dangling from some ropes. Cursed my luck that camera was in my bag & thought the opportunity was gone. But then saw few more trucks ahead and as bus was in faster lane knew we were going to pass them. Grabbed the camera frantically out of the rucksack, and fought for space by the open bus door with young Sri Lankan lad & his camera phone. Managed to shoot about 20 pics of it all as we passed. Fascinating to see them swinging from the ropes fastened only by the steel hooks. Will post all the pics on one of the upcoming weekly posts.
      Cheers for comment Mary.


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