Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Sachenhausen (pronounced ‘Saxenhausen‘) was the nearest concentration camp to Berlin before & during WW2, based in the  Nazi supporting (at that time) region of Oranienburg, approx 1 hour train journey from the city. MB visited in April 2008. Deeply disturbing to do the tour, but recommend to any who might visit Berlin. Unforgettable experience of a ‘not nice but very memorable’ kind.

You may have seen in movies the high gated entrances to many of the camps. Most, including Auschwitz, had the slogan designed into the gate metalwork – ARBEIT MACHT FRIE (pronounced ‘arbite mokt fry‘ in German) – meaning ‘Work makes you free‘. To give arriving prisoners motivational but deceitful message.

Sachenhausen is famous as first place the Nazis tried out gas as weapon of death. They failed to seal the prison cell properly at first attempt and the gas leaked out killing a number of the German guards. As I said, was disturbing tour of a very dark place.

Sachenhausen Camp.

Cyclone B Gas

100_2735Mar 100_2736Mar

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