How the Georgians got their land

On the appointed day that God gave land to all the peoples, the Armenians and Georgians were late. The Armenians were late by one hour and the Georgians by one day.

The Armenians were profusely apologetic, begging to be given some land, despite their lateness. God, being God, was merciful. He informed them that he had only one land left, it was very rocky, nothing special, but they were welcome to it.

The Armenians accepted.

Finally, the Georgians presented themselves before God. You are one day late, said God, all the lands are given away.

We are sorry we are late, said the Georgians, but it’s your fault God. We were drinking wine in your honour and in thanks for the land you would give us. We drank a little too much!

God thought for a moment. He replied – I thank you for honouring me and now understand why you were late. I have given away all the land, but there is one treasured land on earth that I was keeping for myself. And because you honoured me so well, I will give you this land.

And is how the Georgians got their land.

Thanks to Tour Guides Beka & Sophia of Gamarjoba Georgia Tours for telling the above story to MB

Cathedral of The Holy Trinity, Tbilisi. Night shot by MB from the elevated Narikala district, a few kilometers away. Shot with MB’s Huawei P30 Pro phone.

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