Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Old & New

Thanks to Amy for this week’s ‘Old & New’ photo challenge. See Amy’s post HERE. Amy’s challenge is to capture ‘old’ and ‘new’ in a single shot.

In September 2017, MB attended the wedding of some friends in Byblos, Lebanon. The wedding service took place in the Crusader-era Church of St John-Mark. So that’s the ‘old’. The ‘new’ was of course the marriage of David and Myriam starting a new life together as a new family unit.

A flavour of the old and new from that day:










8 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Old & New

    • Thanks for comment Tina. Have attended a few Lebanese weddings and tend to get ‘used’ as an extra (free!) photographer, which I’m always happy to do. Always try to capture the bride/dress disappearing into the church, which is always well received by the couples – end of the old life, start of the new. Thanks again.

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  1. These are beautiful photos, especially the second and third images. And, the wedding showing the contrasts of the new and old. All are beautifully captured.

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