Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Creepy

Thanks to Anne Christine for this week’s Creepy challenge.

If you go down to the woods today,

You better not go alone……

Just joking guys!

But now………

MB is not joking.

He is deathly serious.

That’s deathly.

Not deadly.

Back in MB’s HX homeland, there is a location where bodies are buried going back some 500 to 600 years.

Skulls and bones abound and the remains of coffins and bodies and crypts are still very visible.

But you have to know the location.

And you have to know how to gain access.

With the access codes.

And not many people do.

Except those who are keepers of local HX lore and HX secrets of the ages.

Like MB.

And very few others.

Almost none.

MB has been to the location and has taken many shots.

On account of the creepy challenge, MB now gives you an offering.

A deathly offering.

From that location.

With the bones and the skulls and the coffin remains and the darkness and other stuff which must remain unrevealed.

Until the time is right.


Sleep well tonight.






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