Lens-Artists Challenge – Silhouettes

Greetings to all from MB.

A little explanation of the weekly photo challenge before MB gives his offering. The weekly photo challenge was conceived by four lady bloggers/photographers over one year back. Each takes their turn consecutively to post a weekly theme and the rest of the sheep, like MB, then follow suit.

This week was Patti’s turn to select and she has thrown down the ‘silhouette’ gauntlet. Fellow-Artist Challenger Tina gave her offering shortly after. If you would like to see their multiple photos on the theme, then click on Patti and Tina for a look. Well worth doing so, and far better pics than MB’s meager HX offerings it must be said.

MB has selected a shot from his library of the Grange Stone Circle from Winter Solstice morning, 2017. A number of people were in the circle at the time, for the occasion that was in it. A candle burns brightly centre foreground, which makes for a nice contrast with the dark tree silhouettes in the rear.

Have a good one!



5 Comments on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Silhouettes

  1. Hi, MB. Your kind words of praise have gone to my head!! Seriously, thank you so much. I love the mood here in your shot. As Tina said, the light/star really is a highlight of the shot and helps convey the magical/mystical solstice mood here. Great!

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  2. Well I think I’m blushing MB, thank you so much for the unpaid advert! Loved your response and the light/star in the front which makes your capture very special. Well done!


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