Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Something old, new, borrowed and blue

Thanks to Patti for this week’s ONB&B challenge.

MB heads to his HX homeland, and the local Lough Gur Lake to meet the challenge.

OLD – British landlord Count De Salis, who, with his descendants, owned the lake and most of the local land for many years. In the 1980s, the lake and many important local historical and archaeological sites were purchased by the local council (municipality), the first time the local lands were in native Irish ownership since a rebellion (the Geraldine Rebellion) in 1583.

New & Borrowed – If you ignore the swans and look across the lake, slightly left close to the lakeshore, you will see the local Visitor or Heritage Centre, wherein the above information on Count De Salid is located. In 2013 the centre was newly refurbished, maintaining the external design, which the original architects borrowed from neolithic times and the dwellings of that era.


MB read an article in recent days that he believes appeared recently in the UK Guardian newspaper, The travel writer had the good fortune to visit the Lough Gur area and described it as an ‘off the beaten track’ hidden gem of Ireland. MB concurs. It is surely that.

https://loughgur.com/ – if you wish to discover more.


5 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Something old, new, borrowed and blue

  1. A great choice for old, new, borrowed, and blue, MB. I hadn’t heard of this spot before. I like how you incorporated the historical information for “old.” Great idea!

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