Lens-Artists Challenge – Something Different

Something Different.

Thanks to Tina for this week’s challenge.


In recent days, MB ate a bowl of Hungarian goulash soup.

On the banks of the Danube River.

In Budapest, Hungary.

If you’re going to be eating a bowl of Hungarian goulash soup dear followers, then that’s where you want to be eating it.

The pub/restaurant where the gourmet goulash was guzzled by MB had an unusual name. It was called FOR SALE. Not that the pub is for sale or anything. It’s not. It’s crazy busy and obviously highly profitable. From early-evening hungry Hungarians flock in their Magyar droves in search of sustenance.

The decoration is something completely different. Allow MB to explain…

The floor is covered with a mixture of straw and the discarded shells of monkey nuts, free bowls of which are a permanent fixture on each table.

All food and beverages are served on top of paper table-mats which contain the FOR SALE name. When Magyars have scoffed their meaty dishes, for almost all dishes in Hungary contain some type of meat, they write messages on the table mats and pin them to the ceilings and walls.

Post goulash soup, MB got in on the act. Deciding to stand out from the crowd a little, as is the wont of MB, MB made a delta-wing paper plane, wrote a message on both wings (the exact same message), and suspended his plane just below ceiling level through the link of a metal chain that hung from the ceiling. And there MB’s plane and message will live forevermore.

The end.












7 Comments on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Something Different

  1. Now you’re in Hungary?! How did you end up in Hungary, MB? Well, no matter how you got there I love the concept of the restaurant — even if the thought of an open candle terrifies me, with all that straw on the floor and the walls and ceiling literally covered in loose papers. Wise of you to enjoy your soup down by the river, methinks. Happy weekend to you!

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    • Hi H. I had the soup in the pub actually. What a risk-taker I am! But agree that if a bachelor party (for example) entered the pub then I suspect someone would use the candles to ignite the papers! Anyway, MB already had his ‘veni-vidi-vici’ moment!

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      • Clearly H needs to improve her reading skills, MB. In any case, I’m glad there were no pyromaniac bachelor parties in the premises when you had your soup! And as you say, now you can proudly declare, “Been there, done that.”


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