It’s the weekend

Sun & Sand.

Bad thing about the Arabian Gulf is that the sun is always shining.

Nice, initially, for Irish arrivees who jump off the plane with rain-drenched heads from the homeland. But the novelty soon wears off and it’s not long before arrivee Liam or arrivee Saoirse are uttering: “God, but I’d love to see a drop of rain”.

Good thing about the Arabian Gulf is that the sun is always shining.

MB will grant you that for seven or so months each year one needs to seek refuge from the blistering heat. But for the remaining months, the temperatures are great and very conducive to outdoorsy stuff.

Gulf residents now find themselves in those ‘remaining months’. Dune bashing on quads or 4x4s is popular. Outdoor sports generally comes alive. Heading to the beach is possible and even probable for many.

MB took the below beach shot on his Huawei phone last weekend at the Sealine Beach Resort on the outskirts of Doha.

Did you just say ‘Huawei’ MB? Don’t you know, MB, that Huawei tech is haram in many westie countries now? The UK & US & Australian governments are going bonkers. Apo-absolutely-plectic. And in all probability MB, the Chinese government is tracking your every move. And recording your trips to restaurants. And analysing if you’re eating tasty healthy Chinese or eating Western muck. And by now they know your ability on a scale of 1 to 10 with a set of chopsticks. Are you not deeply concerned MB?

Whatever, guys.

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