Romania – 6/7 – Sundry

For MB’s next-to-last Romania post, he is giving followers some sundry shots taken in various locations inside Bucharest and out, with a little commentary on some.

Casa Doina Restaurant

Casa Doina Restaurant in central Bucharest, built in 1892, is considered by many to be the best restaurant in the city and the building is a designated national monument. It is set in a small tranquil forest in the middle of the city where all sound is blocked out by the trees and serves traditional Romanian foods. The dinner dish nearest the camera below is the traditional Romanian dish of cabbage-leaf rolls stuffed with meat. It’s yummy!IMAG1678





Bucharest Street Scenes & Architectural Styles

The National Gallery.DSC00020

Romania is building the largest Orthodox Church in the entire universe at present which is causing much public disquiet, as it’s costing tens of millions of dollars while hospitals and other public services suffer badly for want of cash.DSC00038DSC00057DSC00063

The Triumphal Arch built to celebrate the victory in WW1, modeled on the French one.DSC00079DSC00100DSC00103DSC00105DSC00106DSC00110DSC00114DSC00117DSC00118DSC00139DSC00149DSC00153DSC00154DSC00155

A very common feature of buildings in Bucharest or Romania generally is to see a series of ‘three’, like the three arches below, which are representative of the Christian Holy Trinity.DSC00156DSC00163DSC00164DSC00168

The famous Romanian car from communist days – the Dacia.DSC00171DSC00173DSC00175DSC00177DSC00188DSC00199DSC00202DSC00215DSC00241

The recent street protests are still evident at night time as a few keep up the vigil, as witnessed by MB. Approximately one week before MB’s arrival, there was a major protest against political corruption, involving some 50,000 protestors in Bucharest alone. Other cities also witnessed similar events.DSC00082DSC00084DSC00090

In & Around Peles Castle, Sinaia, Carpathian Mountain Region


The small theatre in Peles Castle where the first movie in Romania was screened in 1906DSC00299DSC00301DSC00305

In & Around the Medieval Town of Brasov (Brash-ov)

The famous Black Church of BrasovDSC00315

A few years back the city authorities decided to put up their own ‘Holywood’ sign!DSC00316DSC00321DSC00323DSC00326DSC00331DSC00332

Brasov, & Romania generally, once had a very large Jewish community. Most have by now emigrated to Israel.DSC00338DSC00340DSC00341DSC00342DSC00343DSC00344DSC00345DSC00347DSC00349

The end.

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