4 Comments on “Colourful

  1. Your colourful commentary made me smile Micheal!! do you know that when we type it as coloUrful that the WP editor corrects it?! Funny enough, I actually thought about the many international readers when I spelled the word. As for the tea, it’s probably the healthiest thing that’s been dumped into Boston Harbour 🙂 in centuries!!


    • Thanks Tina. Yes I am aware of the IT bug in the WordPress and Microsoft systems and am presently lobbying both organisations to sort out this very sorrowful and highly embarrassing spelling situation. I have also made reference to the fact that WP have plucked the ‘WordPress’ word from a James Joyce novel (which I may reveal to the Joyce Estate legal eagles) and that Google is headquartered in Dublin where MB has much influence needless to say (I have referred them to the very low tax rate they presently enjoy, which could disappear in a click of MBs fingers). Who would have thought that a simple ‘colourful’ photo challenge could take us all in such a colourful direction. Google & WP v MB. Last man standing takes all!


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