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The Suvla Bay area of western Turkey on the Dardanelles Straits is infamous as one of the venues of appalling human butchery of WW1. The battles at Suvla formed part of the Gallipoli Campaign, where approximately 200,000 British/French/Anzac troops died, along with some 60,000 Ottoman Turks. Another 250,00 soldiers from both sides were injured. It is said that the sea was brown in colour for three days following one of the major battles, as the blood of the fallen mixed with the salt water.

Brutal stuff indeed.

One hundred and three years later, only a few days back, MB landed at Suvla. It is an altogether more pleasant place today. War monuments and memories abound and MB may return to that subject matter at another time. For the moment, MB will focus on the Suvla vineyard where some mighty fine Suvla wine can be procured.

On the lawn outside the main building sits an old stone press which was used for pressing the grapes. Inside, the vineyard shop sells a host of Suvla wines and foods.



8 Comments on “One-Word Sunday (on Monday!) – Circle

  1. I really like your rack and i want to make this type of rack for our house. I want to make 6 feet long rack and a glass stand also.


  2. Amazing wine rack but i have unfortunately just a wine table and i keep all the wine bottle on this table. You have donned the amazing challenge. Now in the above post pics, all the wine racks look good and graceful. I should make this kind of wine small wine rack.
    bourbon decanter


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  4. A great mix of sad history and calmer days. For some, at least
    And thank you for the circles – wine has popped up a few times in this circle challenge, obviously a topic many of us enjoy

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  5. The grass is always crushed when the elephants fight. Much more 100 years ago the green grass and the blue sea at the Canakkale, was covering the blood and hatred. Thank God today this horrible memories left its place understanding and respect and hope that this will always continue.

    and this is for you MB.
    Suvla, Karasakız / 150618; a taste that will never be forgotten.

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  6. Isn’t it sobering to visit these old battlefields, and to think of how many young lives were tragically cut short? I’m glad the memorials abound — because we must never forget. But I’m even happier that this place is now so peaceful and prosperous. Great take on the challenge, MB.

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