The Wedding of David & Myriam (5)

The Wedding Ceremony.

As MB has already mentioned, the wedding ceremony of D&M took place in the Christian Maronite Church of St Jean Marc in Byblos, which is part of the modern day Lebanese town of Jbail. MB’s previous Lebanese wedding experience in December 2016 witnessed a Christian Orthodox ceremony in which the bride and groom do not utter a single word throughout. There was no “I do”. But, for the information of those who may not know, the Maronite Church is a branch of the Roman Catholic church, so the ceremony on Sunday last was similar in most respects to a Catholic Church wedding in Ireland – but no pictures of St Patrick were evident!

Anyway, the church interior and its floral decoration were stunning, as followers can see:



3 Comments on “The Wedding of David & Myriam (5)

  1. You are a very untraditional photographer Micheal and your images are really wonderful. The church is quite beautiful and the flowers are indeed incredible. The bride is gorgeous and the little girl is adorable – were any of the people your family? What a glorious day they had!


    • Thanks Tina. I work with many Lebanese in Qatar, a mixture of many religions and have been lucky enough to be invited to a few of their weddings, Christian and Muslim. Hard to tell the difference between any of them really, as all the Lebs like a good knees-up, regardless of persuasion. So at that David/Myriam wedding I was amongst hoards of Lebanese, and not a family member in sight!


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