Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude


In yet another quite brilliant piece of lateral thinking, MB takes followers away from the predictable lonely landscapes and dramatic desolation that many will offer for this weeks photo challenge. 

Harking back somewhat to MB’s post of last week on mental illness (subsequently renamed ‘Darkness’),  MB has taken the opportunity to again delve into similar subject matter.

Vincent Van Gogh, as many will know, struggled with darkness for many years of his short lifespan. Solitude was just one aspect of various times of his life, amongst many other mental illness related episodes; the more extreme ear-cutting episode, and finally taking his own life with a shot to the chest at age 37, in the year of our Lord 1890.

And who doesn’t like the song ‘Vincent’?! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxHnRfhDmrk

MB grabbed this shot of the man himself – a market stall painting – on his trip with daughter MB2 to Amsterdam in November 2016, down the street from the Van Gogh Museum. A buck-list location for sure – get there urges MB!




6 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

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  2. What a marvelous interpretation of this challenge, MB. VanGogh is a tragic example of the downward spiral that can occur when solitude becomes loneliness and finally isolation. And I do love Don McLean’s song for capturing the melancholy of it all so beautifully. Wonderful post … thank you!

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