Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience


Most of MB’s recent posts relate to his end December Lebanese wedding experience. And for this week’s photo theme of ‘ambience’, he, of course, needs look no further that the wedding party venue of said wedding. The venue was previously called Nahr El Kalb in Arabic (meaning ‘The Dog River’), but is now called the less mystical ‘The Legend Venue’. It sits in a spectacular small river valley setting, and has a very spectacular entrance lobby which leads visitors into the spectacular dining hall area when any Irish guy attending blurts out WOW! Ambience!!!

The below photo was clicked by MB immediately upon his entrance to the hall. MB broke from his ‘B&W only shots’ wedding theme on this occasion to capture the vivid colours, and he is glad he did. The uber-spectacular chandelier visible in the photo, balloons attached, hangs over the dance floor area. Wow!!!

PS – Today is New Year’s Eve for Orthodox Christians, as one of them pointed out to me this evening – so happy new year to all. Hope your celebrations are something like the below!


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