A Lebanese Wedding – Inside the church

MB has already given followers two deadly previous posts on his Lebanese wedding experience: A Lebanese Wedding and A Lebanese Wedding – Outside the Church. He now gives followers post Nr 3 – Inside the Church.

Of course, the bride and groom must take centre stage at any wedding ceremony. But on this occasion however, from a photography point of view at least, they were upstaged to some degree by two beautiful young kids who were full of life’s youthful curiosity about everything that was going on – apart from the actual marriage! MB had great photo fun with them as they made a great silhouette against the white bridal dress. Hence, they feature in most of the shots, adding a great additional point of photo interest.

Followers will see the bride sitting in a chair in one of the shots. This is not normal and not part of an Orthodox ceremony. Normally the bride and groom stand throughout. The bride informed MB however, on return from her honeymoon, that she actually fainted during the ceremony, as she was suffering flu symptoms in the lead-up and even more so on the day itself. So a chair was called for, the bride sat down, and thankfully got through the remainder of the service.

As followers were informed in post Nr 1, guests went to the altar area of the church when the ceremony was finished, to shake hands with the newly married couple and offer good wishes. In Ireland, as MB has previously explained, this normally happens at the exit door as guests leave the church. However, going to the top of the church allowed friends to get some photos taken with the bride and groom. And selfies!

And so to some photos. Maybe too many. But what the heck!


7 Comments on “A Lebanese Wedding – Inside the church

  1. Many thanks MB for the Amazing Photos!!! Indeed, Ralph (my son) and Clara were two shining stars in the weddings – of course along with the Groom (my Nephew) and the Bride!!! 🙂 if you don’t mind, I would like to post some with these pics on my Facebook page. thanks again.


    • Thanks Mags. The official photographers produced some 12,000 photos, so the bride & groom have a dilemma trying to pick their ‘top 24’ I suspect. Rather them than me!


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