Weekly Photo Challenge – Half Light

Half Light.

“The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light”

This week’s challenge offers an option to demonstrate the ‘half light’ – before night-time darkness, or morning sunrise. In the field of photography, this particular hour (in the morning or evening) is referred to as the ‘golden hour’.

MB has chosen three photos he took a few years back at a ‘golden hour’ photography workshop in Dubai, UAE. MB can’t remember the name of the photographer hosting the workshop, some Yankee Doodle as MB seems to remember, but the workshop was part of a great photo week which is held in Dubai every March, under the auspices the Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) organisation. MB can particularly remember the photographer teaching photo idiot MB how to use the manual ‘M’ setting on his camera on that particular evening; it still sticks in the mind. BTW, if any HX followers wanted a to take a photo learning holiday at any stage, then MB would give the GPP week in Dubai a very big recommend – world renowned photographers, oodles of workshops on numerous aspects/fields of photography and an incredible location (Dubai). Pure photo heaven, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

The shoot/workshop location was the rooftop restaurant area of the Intercontinental Hotel in an area called Festival City, which is close to Dubai International Airport. The elevated location offers a great view out over Dubai creek and the Dubai skyline.

MB’s ‘half light’ selections as follows:

The purple lights on the underside of the bridge reflect off the waters of the Dubai Creek against the backdrop of the under-construction tower in the evening twilight

HL 2

The sun sits just below the horizon, giving a half light to the Dubai sky

Half Light

The sun sets directly behind the Emirates Towers  on Dubai’s Shaikh Zayed Rd, giving an evening silhouette of the Dubai skyline. Not really a ‘half light’ shot in truth. Even though the photo is darker, this photo was taken before the previous two.

HL 1



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