Weekly Photo Challenge – Off-Season


The grandstand and hotel at Meydan horse racing track in Dubai is a hive of activity from November to March. Outside of that period the hotel still operates at a reasonable but reduced level of occupancy. On the track only maintenance works take place to keep all ship-shape for the following season.

Off Season

9 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Off-Season

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  2. Off season in hotels is quite interesting. For me personally, its perfect for taking some great photos!


  3. Fancy track, but then I guess there’s plenty money there to make it so. 🙂 I don’t bet, but I do love horse racing and was thrilled to see a Triple Crown winner this year. It’s been much too long.



    • Ya, that American Pharoah is some machine, as we might describe a good horse back home. Lots of money in Dubai pumped into the horse racing with a good degree of success, but it lacks the soul of horse racing back home, where its in the blood. Consider yourself invited to Ireland sometime for horse racing, photography and writing festivals. And a beer or two!

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      • If ever you seriously consider it please let me know. My family and I would be delighted to give some guidance & help. Bias aside, nobody should depart this planet without seeing the Emerald Isle. Give it some thought Mam!


      • I was in Ireland in 1974, at the start of an almost year long backpacking trip to Europe between my junior and senior years in college. It was a beautiful place and kicked of an incredible experience. I will certainly take you up on the offer if we are fortunate enough to make it over. I think rates are rather good right now, but my husband’s just starting a new job shortly, so not as much time off.


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