Falcon Souq – Qatar

Doha, capital city of Qatar, has a very interesting falcon souq, right next to a falcon hospital. Both are part of the much larger Souq Waqif.

The falcons generally come from Kazakstan from what MB could discern from the falcon handlers who spoke not a single word of English. Sadly, MB’s smattering of pigeon Arabic does not extend to the phraseology of the the world of the aviary, so he stands to be corrected on Kaz matter. The souq shops host a large range of birds that can cost many thousands of dollars to purchase, depending on quality of bird (plumage, age, etc). All sort of falcon gadgetry can also be acquired.

Interesting place to visit, should you ever get to Doha.

The birds:

IMG_1523 IMG_1524 IMG_1525 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1532 IMG_1522 IMG_1527


4 Comments on “Falcon Souq – Qatar

  1. Falcons are gorgeous raptors. I’ve actually wanted to learn the art of falconry (sp.). To have the majestic creature take to flight and return would be such a thrill.

    Here in North Texas we have both Hawks and Falcons. Always amazing to see and to watch, especially when tending the nursery. Both parents accept responsibility for gathering food and protecting the nest site.


  2. What magnificent birds — and what equally beautiful photos. It boggles my mind that one could actually purchase one (and for many thousands of dollars, no less)! Though I suppose the birds in the last frame go for a discounted price? 🙂


    • Thanks HM. Falconry is like a national sport of the Middle East with rulers & royalty heavily involved. Lots of coverage on local TV sports channels. In addition to hunting wild birds they also sometimes hunt small game like rabbit. The TV shows also regularly show the hunters releasing small dear to be hunted by the birds. No animal rights groups out here obviously, or indignant TV viewers. And yes. The birds in the final shot are available at large discount!

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