Charlie … Not Ready to Make Nice …When History Repeats Itself … Here and There … (Reblog from Gypsy)

Reblogging the below post from blogger friend Gypsy, who writes a blog called ‘Gypsy In The ME’ (Middle East).

If like MB, you are into the twittersphere or the blogosphere or gorged yourself on the coverage from Paris in recent days then you will be well aware of the emotions. Huge anger understandably in many quarters. Like the emotions expressed in Gypsie’s post below. Which was about something different but related.

Sadly, also a good number of people who excuse, or even rejoice in, what happened, including a Syrian man MB talked to at work today. There are many like him out these parts.

But saw this quote tonight:

“I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him”

Thanks Gypsy:

5 Comments on “Charlie … Not Ready to Make Nice …When History Repeats Itself … Here and There … (Reblog from Gypsy)

  1. MB, thanks for the shout-out in these sad, sad times. Shame it couldn’t be for something more uplifting.
    The quote you’ve included above is absolutely gorgeous. I’m keeping it for those moments when my heart screams out ”I’m not ready to make nice”.
    Hoping it will help me regain some hope and balance in these sad times.
    Be well.


  2. What a beautiful quote and powerful quote you’ve closed with. I do hope our species will one day come to see hate as a sign of weakness and poverty of spirit. Take good care out there.


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