Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadowed


From the Ice Rink at Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.


20 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadowed

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  2. This is a great photo, love the long shadows and the way the grid of the netting gets smaller and smaller as it seeps into the corner of the light… there is so much to look at for what seems to be such a minimalist shot on first glance.


    • Thanks Laura. I shot it from one of the mall floors overhead the rink looking vertically downwards. Took many shots actually. This was the only area of the rink where some sunlight coming through a window in the roof was catching the ice. I took a number of shots for the few minutes I was there and this was one of the better ones. Good spot on the net! To stop photo idiots like me falling in! Take care. MB

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      • It was definitely worth taking a few shots to get it. I wonder if that net would actually hold though, they usually look as though they’ll buckle under any falling object… best not to test it though hey?! Haha 😀


      • Those were also my thoughts as I stretched out to the max to get the shot. Me in the net might have been an even great shot!! Ok Missus. Cheers for the chat. Take care.

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    • Thanks Janet. From the overhead floors there is great vertical view through the safety netting (in case photo idiots like MB fall in) into the rink. Great place for photos generally.


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