MB is not a lesbian.

Nor even the male equivalent! But a number of recent happenings have caused MB to ponder the topic a little.

A few days back the Irish Prime Minister (or ‘Taoiseach’ as he is referred to in the Irish language) visited a gay bar in Dublin. The visit raised eyebrows in many quarters as he is the leader of a political party that would be considered quite conservative. It now seems that PM is going to encourage the Irish voters to say ‘Yes’ to the Gay Marriage Equality legislation proposal that will be put to a vote next year. Lots of stories about the gay bar visit in the printed press and online. For example: –

The occasion of the PM’s visit was as a result of an invitation he received from the LGBT grouping of his own Party to their Christmas Party celebration. The venue was the ‘Panti Bar’ in Dublin, which is owned by well known Irish LGBT activist and drag artist called Rory O’ Neill, who performs on stage under the name ‘Panti Bliss’. Rory was not present on the night of PM’s visit which was a pity, as it would have made a great photo opp. If such a meeting is ever on the cards, MB might be tempted to head immediately home with the 7D in hand.

MB can imagine many “Christians” getting all hot under the collar about the LGBTs having the audacity to actually have a Christmas party at all. Given the seemingly contradictory, or profane as they might perceive it, mixture of Christianity with a Gay celebration. They will also be a little shocked no doubt by the recently expressed views of Pope Francis on the LGBT topic and his support for a more inclusive position. MB is sure that if Pope Francis was in Dublin that night he would also have taken some time out to have a beer or two with PM and the LGBTs at Panti Bliss. Slainte. Habemus papam!

MB was not even aware that PM’s party had an LGBT group. MB has listened to one particular member of that Party over the years go on about his ‘anti’ view on gay rights and how it is a lifestyle choice and not a natural condition, blady, blady, blah. A ‘flat earther’ as MB would kindly describe him. So MB was most amused when he read that Party leader, and Ireland’s PM, was now attending LGBT Christmas parties. Good for Party leader thought MB.

MB also remembered this week a brief online conversation he had early this year with an Irish female friend who is a prominent LGBT activist back home. This Summer past, female friend got ‘married’ in the way that gay or lesbian couples can do so in Ireland – via a Civil Partnership. ( if you wish to read a little on it). The CP legislation was enacted by PM’s Government in 2010 and many gay couples have since availed of the chance to ‘tie the knot’. And if next years vote is passed then a gay Marriage in Ireland will be equal in all respects to a man/woman marriage.

Anyway, LGBT friend was bemoaning the lot of women in Ireland over some issue that MB can not recollect at this stage. MB posted message in reply that he was at that stage in Saudi Arabia where women are not even allowed to drive cars. Not that MB is expecting any woman to clap her hands in joy at the news she is free to drive a car. The Saudi position is of course ridiculous and laughable. Anyway, MB added that in his view Ireland might not be perfect in the area of woman’s rights, but was not nearly as bad as LGBT friend was making out, and might be far far better in fact. Another female friend of MB (he has so many!) who lives in MB’s home city of Limerick for many years, also joined the conversation, saying she agreed with MB and how Ireland compared so much more favourably to her home country in former USSR. LGBT Irish friend said she found it all hard to believe, and at that stage the conversation fizzled out.

But MB was reminded of that conversation again this week when he heard a story from a Sudani acquaintance, about a 26 year old Sudani lesbian. Who is a friend of MB’s Sudani acquaintance. 26 Year old is now forced through family pressure to marry an older man. She just ran out of excuses to her family and religious father as to why she was not married. So the marriage is now arranged and 26 year old lesbian will be wife and have babies for the older Sudani man. The same thing happened to 26 year olds former Sudani lesbian girlfriend. She too was forced into marriage through family pressure. 26 year old former GF along with MB’s Sudani acquaintance attended that wedding last year. The wedding “was the saddest thing ever“, Sudani acquaintance informed MB.

Makes you think.

And there you have it followers. No great revelations or revolutions or speculations or solutions. Just some musings from MB and life goes on.

The end!

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