International Day Of Older Persons


2 Comments on “International Day Of Older Persons

  1. Hi i saw your post in the facebook group ‘Khartoum-is it time to go back’ about attending the sudanese weddings…what part of ireland are you from? and what may i ask are you doing in the middle east? I am sudanese and lived in kilkenny for 12 years, so i’m curious! Interesting to here your opinion and enjoy your blog…here from you soon!


    • Marhaba Marwa. Shukran jazilan habibti! From Limerick. You might see references to Limerick in some of the posts. Put ‘Lough Gur’ into the search box and you can see some pics of my locality. I work in construction in ME for last 6 years – 4 in UAE, 2 in KSA, and now recently moved to Doha, Qatar. If you wish to receive the blog automatically just put your email into the ‘Follow’ box on any of the posts. Thanks for kind words. Mike


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