It’s All Positives

What a week that was. And we’re only half way there!
Some weeks can be bad or mad or sad. And some weeks can see the spirits soar. This post is beginning to sound like the Shawshank Redemption. And what of it?! A damn fine piece of cinema. Just like the week that’s in it. As MB just said.

MB had not heard from Sudani wedding couple Amr & Ola following his posts & pics on their big day. Maybe they did not like. MB at least had their permission to publish before he posted. But did not show any pics to them in advance. Thankfully, groom Amr got in touch few days back and informed MB that the entire 10M population of Khartoum is in love with MB’s wedding shots. MB’s Henna woman even wants to print out one of the shots of her & daughter. Daughter is very camera shy, or just shy generally, but MB caught her great smile and it would light up the darkest night.

Only yesterday, Young Sudani Lad (aka YSL) also got in contact, all respectful for a change. MB is pleased to break the news that YSL escaped to a quadrant of White Land in recent weeks. Vive la France, as YSL is now shouting on hourly basis. YSL was accepted for some degree course at a Parisian University that accepts 3rd World types. He is now the most grateful African in Europe. Freed as he now is from people traffickers and lads of similar ilk. Mabruk YSL, from the HX Report and may you live long & prosper.

But the reason for YSL’s contact needs mentioning. His email went something like (exactly like) the following:

“French assholes are making niggas do a presentation on Sudan and I am using your blog as a source of content if you don’t mind.”

Hell no Mr YSL. Feel free to use MB’s blog for your PHD or whatever. MB is by now familiar with the role of free provider of incredible shit for others benefit – sans l’argent, as YSL might now say in the land of the Snail Swallowers (for mafi fulouse as MB and his Arab friends might say).

Do MB proud YSL. Don’t do some shit presentation. You are a long time follower and MB expects highest standards and highest results. Bon chance YSL!

And then there was contact only today (‘alyium‘ in the Arabic) from Dan The Man. DTM comes from just outside little town in West Limerick called Abbeyfeale back in the Irish homeland. But lives and works in London. Anyways, DTM contacted MB about forthcoming trip to Sri Lanka. Wanting free advice from MB about where to go, what to do and wanting some links to MB’s past Sri Lanka blog posts. Cause DTM is too damn lazy to use the ‘Search MB’s blog’ box on top right of every post. MB did not give young DTM a hard time. Gave him a few pointers and a few links. Got to help a young lad trying to impress his young lady with brave trip into the 3rd World. When he asks for help.

But all the above has made MB realise that MB is now a serious threat to Trip Adviser & others. If HX followers were willing to organise a whip-around, MB could then take some new (subsidised/free) trips and really establish his HX blog as the destination of choice for travellers who are looking for the ‘something different‘. Just a thought for y’all to consider. Please confirm amount of donations in the comment box below in coming days. MB will then advise next trip destination. Can’t wait!


Link to one of MB’s Sri Lanka posts as given to DTM earlier today –

And pic of ‘MB’s tattoo lady with daughter’ –


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