Adele v MB (Rolling In The Deep)

There’s a fire starting in my heart. So says Adele. Reaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out the dark.

MB is two years into this blog site lark. Presently the website has not made MB a single offer of advertising revenue generation nor has MB had any independent advertisers make a direct approach. Despair. Struth!

Less that 17,000 views. A hardened band of 900 followers (which includes MB’s facebook numbers) which MB guesses should not be sneezed at. Multiple posts of high prose. Witty wit. And wet-yourself-laughing stories of MB’s exploits in the region & beyond. MB’s stats are surely scant reward for such august output.

Not to mention the Pulitzer Prize standard pics that were never considered for any Pulitzer Prize. Nat Geo have also been frugal in the old ‘offers’ department. Life’s a joke, MB guesses. Life just isn’t fair. MB had often read & heard that fact and wondered if it were true. And now it’s jumped right up and kicked MB in the crotch. ‘Ouch’, says MB. MB’s blog is living breathing proof of fact that the statement about getting out of life what you put into it is just a pile of bollocks.

On the other hand, MB could take a ‘glass-half-full’ view of progress to date. MB could consider that way back 2,000 years ago or so, a 30-something Palestinian started with only twelve followers and it mushroomed from there. Eventually hit the 1 Billion+ mark. Similar to Adele. And took quite a few years more than two. So maybe there is still some hope for MB to come up with that post-that-goes-viral. And the remainder of MB’s life will be lived a blinding whirl of TV & magazine interviews, flash bulbs and endless streams of advertising revenue rolling (in the deep) into MB’s pregnant bank account. Inshallah.

And what of Adele? A few brief stats:
Boyfriends Lost – 1
(Boyfriends lost by MB – 0. MB wins)

Albums – 2
(Blog Posts by MB – 301. MB wins)

‘Rolling In The Deep’ (just one Adele song) hits on Youtube (official version only) – 545,693,877
(Total views of MB’s blog posts – 16,704. MB loses – big time)

So what does all the above prove MB or where does it all take us? MB has no clue. He only knows that life is a lottery. A game of chance. A roll of the dice. Adele hits lucky. Bingo. MB hits his head off a brick wall. Sore head. MB works his blogging fingers to the bone. Boney fingers.

So Adele wins. And MB loses. MB is not a sore loser. He will sharpen his pencil. Keep taking his cod liver oil tablets to keep that MB brain razor sharp. Clean the camera lens now and again to prevent shitty pics. And just keep pumping out the awesome output. MB needs to be lucky only once. As Gerry Adams (or one of his sidekicks) once said when they was in more militant mood. Adele has had her luck. Probably used it all up. A lady with a zillion squillion in the bank. But on a downward slide. The only direction available when you are on the crest of the wave. MB is at the bottom of the wave looking up. And just getting onto his surf board. Hitch your wagon (& surf board) to the stars MB. ‘Yes I will’, says MB. ‘For Sure’!

Meanwhile, MB will just have to continue with the day job. Tomato or cheese, or tomato & cheese sandwiches for lunch? WTF!

And to drive her numbers even higher. Proving 100% that MB is not a sore loser. A loser for sure, but not a sore one. For MB’s 900 Spartans. Enjoy the bitches song!

One Comment on “Adele v MB (Rolling In The Deep)

  1. MB your comparison above begs the Q – how can one even compare such a broad spectrum of talents?
    Adele brings brings such a depth of talent and composure – she has an incredible style – she really has won the lottery.
    MBs blog delivered the link.
    I was able to listen tot he song and it brought goosebumps.
    Adele Vs MB – no – Adelle + MB – what a team


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