Girl Power!

Morning all
MB had busy week. Brain bit tired and lethargic. MB has no clue what will come out of his brain this morning as he sips fresh Florida juice. But did you ‘DHL it’ from Florida MB? as Crosser TH threw at MB few weeks back. No. MB did not courier the liquid from the Sunshine State. So in fairness the word ‘fresh’ may be tad exaggerated. But it’s got lots of the pulpy bits and it’s tasty and MB is happy to be sipping. MB is too full from last night’s dinner to be bothered with breakfast, so the juice will suffice. Last night’s dinner was a rare treat. MB got invited to the house of Palestinian friend U No Hu, along with an Indian and Brit friends. The Brit was born and lived in Iran in his childhood days. U No Hu laid on a sumptuous Chinese meal. Or rather his wife and daughter did MB suspects, as the layout, decoration, & presentation all smacked of female balance and brainpower. Everything in it’s place. And looking great. A man could never have done it MB is sure. But he did not ask. He just shut his gob and tucked into the delicious food. So there we were. A Palestinian host, an Iranian, an Indian and an Irishman, eating Chinese in Saudi Arabia. What a crazy zany world we live in!

Speaking of female balance & brainpower. MB mentioned in recent weeks that he attended a Christmas Carol service when he was home over the holiday period. The participants were singers from various local Church choirs, and the event was produced but two very talented young ladies, one of whom is a Crosser member and young friend of MB (called JD). MB took lots of pics on the night and also shot video of all the music. Because its difficult to photograph music! Crap joke MB! As special treat for Crossers MB is giving you all one of the pieces he uploaded to YouTube. The shuffling of music books and baby sounds at the start give it real local flavour MB thinks. Or you are just a disaster camera man MB! The baby cuts in again later, but generally allows the two girls to do their stuff. MB likes a lot. Herewith:

And to continue along the positive female theme, MB was very happy to get the news just before Christmas that 13 year old daughter of MB (also called MB – so let’s in future call her MB2) got selected by the district soccer league back home to take part in upcoming emerging talent programme. MB2 loves sport, is a total tomboy and is never out of a tracksuit. The colour pink does not exist in her bedroom or wardrobe. So MB2 was happy as a pig in muck to get selected. The fact that a few of her pals also got selected, enabling some mischief at training sessions, is also most likely also a factor putting smile on MB2’s face at present.

Then MB headed back to the Middle East with its different culture and values. And MB got to thinking. What if JD & MB2 were born in the Middle East? Would they achieve in their young lives what they have already achieved, or have had the opportunity to do so? In most countries it would only be possible with great difficulty MB believes. In a few countries would be totally impossible. The prevailing attitudes, a combination of religious and cultural, are not conducive to enabling Middle Eastern versions of JD & MB2 to achieve such goals, if such goals were their targets. But some ladies football does exist, thankfully, and even some international matches are played. MB has very little knowledge of the music scene out here. In some countries music is forbidden, like MB’s present Saudi Arabia, in others not so. The Quran holy book does not forbid music but some more ‘religious’ Islamic types consider it forbidden due to their own interpretations of religious scripture. MB would welcome any and all comments on both topics, especially from Muslims, who will have far great knowledge & experience than MB. MB does not know everything!

Apart from all the above, MB is thinking about his trip to Dubai next weekend when he will take part in the 10km race. In last week MB has done almost no training. And U No HU’s Chinese meal last night has not helped the cause. A week of sweat & effort looms. 10km without stopping is the goal. Onwards!

Photos this week. None. MB instead thinks he will give you all another of his YouTube videos. On account of MB’s theme this week. This time an Irish Air called ‘Glendalough’.

Short & sweet this week. Like a donkey’s gallop!

Take care Crossers. Have a good week.


PS – MB just received call from a Bangladeshi & a Saudi who want to treat him to lunch. Training of sorts. Roll on weird world!

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