Weekly Photo Challenge: One


9 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. I love it not because of the crow but the cross sections of their pointers. The back drop points upward and the beak of the crow points right and a tad down. You have a blessed Christmas to you and yours as well.


    • Sorry Seeker. Corrected my comment above. Tired after 2 days travel from the Middle East. Have given you the correct location of the Crow/One pic. My earlier comment referred to todays pic of Winter Solstice at my home locality. Need some sleep!


      • The Crow/One pic is from my trip to Sri Lanka in August this year. Was on a mountain top village called Haputale. Its near the first ever Lipton Tea Plantation, and a tourist landmark called Lipton’s Seat. Gorgeous place. The village overlooks a large valley. Saw this crow sitting on a wire, with the valley and a Hindu temple in the background. A picture sent from God.


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