Greetings to you all lads and the blessings of Ramadan be upon all your heads
We are at end Week 1 of the holy month, and the entire Middle East is full of hungry thirsty Muslims trying to get through each 45C day without food or water between sunrise & sunset. That’s approx 4.00am to 6.30pm out these parts. Sex and smoking are also forbidden during those hours but it’s far too hot for it anyway. The smoking I mean!

MB fasted for the first two days for the crack, just to see what it was like. You really don’t want to be talking a lot as your throat gets dry and there isn’t a drop of moy-ya (arabic for ‘water‘) to be got anywhere. MB did cheat a few hours in the morning by taking the porridge & honey breakfast at 7.00am, but apart from that he stuck with it. But after day 2 the novelty wore off and he decided to revert to the ways of the infidel, even though MB, like most non-Muslims, does not eat or drink in their presence during the day, just to show a little respect and not to be torturing them.

Traffic accidents increase a lot  during the month, in particular in the evenings, as many people are driving home too quickly to get to the food after long hot hungry day, and/or they are tired from no food & drink since sunrise and they are falling asleep at the wheel. There are many warnings from the police each year  in all the media to drivers, but human nature takes over and the hunter gatherer has to get some food in his body asap when he has gone long period without. Hence the accident rate goes up.

It’s also a time when all Muslims should think of those less fortunate than themselves and they are expected to give generously to various charities. The police warn the public about not giving any money to street beggars who miraculously appear during the holy month and disappear when it’s over. The authorities are constantly saying that the dastardly beggars should not take advantage of the generosity & good nature of the average Muslim and prey on his generous nature during this time of the year. But on balance its a good time to be a street beggar, if you have to be a street beggar, as generally the religious duty to be kind & generous wins out.

Just like the custom back home at Christmas, it’s also the time of year when companies throw their annual party, which is always held, obviously, at the time of the breaking of the fast in the evenings. The evening meal which breaks the fast is called ‘Iftar’ – which translates, strangely enough, as ‘breakfast’. Approx 6.30pm ish is generally the Iftar time, when the mosques give the call to prayer, and then you are free to get stuck into as much food as you can consume with relish. No pork of course lads (God help them) but everything else imaginable. They love their salads out here and the food tends to be mixture of meats (often mutton), rices of various varieties, fresh juices (no wine or beer, as alcohol is forbidden) and numerous types of salads. The first course is usually dates, very often three dates as this is how the Prophet (PBUH) allegedly started his meals after fasting. All finger lickin’ good, as the Colonel might say.

Iftar is also very much a social meal/occasion and often involves extended family, friends, or maybe the whole village in certain places. So invites to Iftar parties are commonplace. MB received one such invitation this morning and dined this evening in the presence of two Muslims from Tamal Nadu in India. Great food and MB enjoyed it no end.

Attended company Iftar party earlier this week, which was held in the courtyard of a hotel. Was pleasant evening, and of course took a few shots with the camera to give all you kafeers back home a chance to see what the Iftar is all about.

As MB is presently working in Saudi Arabia, you will not see any females in the photos. As mixing of the sexes is not permitted, there are no females working for the company on a project that employs some 5,000 workers. All admin roles and every other function is carried out by men. Strange lads but that’s the way of things in Saudi. I mean, if the women are not allowed drive cars out here, they can hardly expect to be coming to the Iftar parties. But seriously lads, MB did attend a number of big company parties last year which were open to family members, male & female, and hotels always cordon off a ‘family section‘ for those who want to bring the missus or the daughters along. Outside of Saudi Arabia it would be unusual not to see females at an Iftar party, and there  would not be any separate ‘family sections’. The Saudis have the separate sections on account of the much stricter version of the religion that they practice.

And that concludes the Iftar blog lads. All pics this week relate.

Ramadam kareem to all.


Food prepared by the Tamal Nadu boys for MB


Potato, chopped chicken & onion cakes in a crust of whipped egg and crushed rice from the Tamal lands. Deliciously awesome!


The Iftar starter


The company do:


















6 Comments on “Iftar

  1. Hi MB, thanks, really enjoyed this one. Nearly inspired me to fast and detox but the motor is required here too much and to be honest I do not need anything else to interfer with my already dubious driving skills! RB


  2. Thanks Mike, I always enjoy your blog. It is very enlightening and educational, thanks-Tim



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