Chicken Talata

Salam brothers & sisters (aka lads)
Back in Dubai for few days and all is well.

MB is going to follow this blog with first single subject blog post, and hopes will be of interest. It’s for the ladies mainly lads, so MB bit perturbed about its girlie nature. MB might have to start new blog under alias name to avoid ridicule at the Riyadh Biker Club. Difficult for MB to be writing girlie mush and same time doing all macho stuff with the Saudi macho lads. Inshallah none of them will stumble across MB’s girlie post. Inshallah.


Pics this week lads come from last trip back in Dubai, when MB took quick visit to the Global Village market. MB had to say hello to the Yemeni Jewelry lads that he has mentioned in the past, as season was nearly over and MB had not yet had chance to visit. MB received call from Mohammad to come on out, shoot the Yemeni/Irish breeze and drink some Qawah (coffee) with the lads.  MB did just that lads, and first story this week comes from the MB/Mohammad chat.

Ladies who lunch (& shop)

MB & Mr Mo

Mohammad (Mo) is a jewelry maker from Yemen and comes to Dubai every year from November to end March for the market season. He will make most of the money that will sustain him & family during those months for the year ahead. MB met Mo few years back and has kept in touch. Mo is a good egg.

Mohammad on the left is considering Wife Nr 3

About 2 years back Mo confided to MB that he was thinking about Wife Nr 2. Financially he could just about manage it. Wife Nr 1 would “not complain too much inshallah” and would get over it quickly. MB & Mo had not discussed the topic in the intervening period but that old conversation came into the brain of MB as they sipped the Qawah few weeks back.

Nr 3 will have the finest jewelry

“And did you ever find the wife itneen (Nr ‘2’ in the Arabic lads) Mohammad” said MB. “Yes Mr Mick (as Mo calls MB), I did, al hamdallah (thank God). Two years ago, and she has produced 2 children”. “Mashallah” said MB, happy that Mo’s fertility was producing the results and wife Nr 2 seemed to be a good laying hen. “Naam (yes) said Mo, and Nr 1 has produced 3”. Mo smiled the smile of a prize cock (the male of ‘hen’ lads in case of confusion) happy that he was impressing his great friend MB with his prolific breeding skills.

“I can see that business is good” said MB. “Your market stall is twice the size it was last year mashallah, so maybe you will make some more children with the hens wives. Or maybe another wife perhaps?” enquired MB jokingly, as MB is bit of a joker. But little did MB know the plan that was already on the Mo brain. “Yes indeed Mr Mick, business is good inshallah, and in few months – inshallah talata (- God willing Nr 3)”.

Many more inshallahs, mashallahs, and al hamdallahs followed as MB congratulated Mo on his marriages and breeding programme, which all seemed to be going swimmingly (like Mo’s seed it seems). Nr 3 will soon be landed.

MB left his friend with a handshake and a smile, as some punters queued to purchase some of the choice hand-made jewelry. Little  did buyers know that their contributions to Mo’s till would soon find its way to Sanaa, where a portion of it would become dowry cash for the lucky family of the chosen ‘chicken talata’. Long live Mr Mo!

Saudi Style
Gave you the story last week lads of the deportation of the 3 beautiful Emiratis, who were considered a danger to the 13 Million Saudi female population. Follower JMc send me link to same story from Britain, so made world headlines it seems.

The following story is very interesting perspective on the Saudi female thinking lads. And is one you might not have thought existed. MB is not sure how extensive this girls ideas are, but will will carry out some research to establish.


The story concerns a marriage proposition made by a Saudi male to a Saudi female school teacher. She was willing to accept the proposal on one condition – that he would also marry her two single work colleagues. Now lads, forget about all the cock & bull stuff you hear back home about the burka clad ladies being very conservative. How much more liberal does it get?  – “Yes take me. And take my 2 pals also”.

Imaging Irish woman in same circumstances – “Yes take me, but if you look so much as sideways at any of my friends, or any other woman for that matter  – EVER, I will cut off your reproductive organ and shove it in the blender”.

Now I ask you lads (male followers) – which of the above females would you prefer to have, in the perfect world, as your life partner? The progressive liberal understanding and kind (to her friends) Nr 1, or jealous possessive bitchy Nr 2?

I hope the MB blog is blowing away the misconceptions you may have had in the past lads, and you are looking on the Middle East region with new-found interest and fervour, and might even be considering looking for that elusive perfect mate out these parts.

The End!


Saudi Arabia bride demands groom marry her friends
Gulf News: A Saudi teacher has reportedly told the man who wanted to marry her that she had only one condition before accepting his proposal: He must marry her two friends at the school at the same time.
The would-be groom was shocked by her unexpected demand, but came under strong pressure from relatives and friends who eventually persuaded him to accept to marry the three women, Saudi daily Al Youm reported.
Under the deal, the bridegroom rented three apartments in the same building and lodged each of his brides in her own flat.
Polygamy is allowed in Saudi Arabia, and a man is entitled to take up to four wives, but must not differentiate between them and must treat them equally physically and emotionally and in regard to sustenance, expenditure, time and all obligations as a husband.

Saudi Arabia – Unfunny
The unfunny side of Saudi Arabia was also in the news this week when the king pardoned a rape victim. It is obvious by the nature of the story & the way it’s written, that even the King, who intervened to stop a terrible injustice, has to be careful when he over-rules the crazy decisions of the Sharia judges. In this case the raped girl would have received the jail and 200 lashes sentence for have ‘sex’ outside marriage. Crazy.
Yemeni lads chew the fat (non pork)

Saudi king pardons rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abudul Aziz has pardoned a female rape victim who had been sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes, a Saudi newspaper reported on Monday.
Saudi Justice Minister Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al Shaikh told Al Jazirah newspaper that the pardon does not mean the king doubted the country’s judges, but instead acted in the “interests of the people”.
“The king always looks into alleviating the suffering of the citizens when he becomes sure that these verdicts will leave psychological effects on the convicted people, though he is convinced and sure that the verdicts were fair,” Al Jazirah quoted Al Shaikh as saying.
Rights groups have said the punishment for the 19-year-old gang rape victim was unjust.

Traditional face mask

History of the world in 2 mins
Can not remember where I came across this earlier in the week. Is a student project – a 2 minute video which gives the entire history of the world:

Jack Warner – Update from KH in Trinidad & Tabogo

We have done it once again lads. International figure resigns after ‘too hot’ pressure from the HX.KH gave us another update on JW this week lads following the piece he sent us few weeks back, and lo & behold, was all brought to a conclusion on Monday morning when JW announced his resignation.
This should be considered fair warning to all scoundrels & scallywags – get your sh*t together, or the HX hounds will bite very large chunk from your ass! Read on lads:
followed by his resignation…………
A few walnuts lads

Yahoudi Sex
BBC had feature during the week on the politics of Israel. Interesting. Featured much on the 20% of the population who are orthodox Jews. Many of the 80% in conflict with them for many reasons. There was interview in the programme with a teacher at one of their schools for boys. From age 16 to approx age 21 they only study Jewish scripture. No history, maths, geography or anything else. So impossible later for them to have any mindset other than a very strict religious conservative one, which impacts on the politics of the entire country.

Burning Oud (incense)

Saw the following on BBC website. Sex instruction book written by one of their own, an American orthodox lad. Needed he said, as the young men (& women) go from complete ignorance on the subject to full knowledge for the first time on their wedding night. Daunting for most.It often strikes me that there are huge similarities between the strict Jews & the strict Muslims, due to similar histories I guess. Hardly any difference at all in many respects. Beards & behaviour, and minds that are not so open, from outsider point of view. Anyway lads here’s the piece:

Reluctant Emigrant
DH had some trouble with the law in Abd Dhabi this week lads. Read on:


Mancakes (blogger legend!)

Want to introduce you all to extremely witty blogger called Mancakes. Seriously great Adele parody piece as follows:


Finito lads!

Another day, another dollar lads – as the Yankee dogs are fond of saying. Ok lads, gotta go do some stuff. Take care all. Be careful out there. Have good weekend.





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  1. Great story about Mohammed the Yemeni jeweller aka Hugh Hefner! Amidst my horrible evening of study, that amused me greatly! Keep up the good work!


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