Trip Home – The Farm by Lough Gur

If you walk along the Lough Gur lake front, past the visitor centre, you come to a closed metal gate. Scale the gate or the adjacent style, advance straight ahead, rather than left for the hill of Knockfennel, and the Farm by Lough Gur appears on your right as your elevation above the lake level increases. The farm was the home of the Catholic O’Brien family who lived there  and farmed the land in the mid 19th century. The story of everyday life of the family was transcribed by Sissy O’Brien (with some assistance from family) who passed her recollections to one Mary Lady Carberry. The book was first published in 1937 in London. It was a best-seller in Dublin and also sold well in England.

The local community reprinted the book in recent times with the passing of the copyright time limit.

From the website:
The book ‘The Farm by Lough Gur’ written by Mary Carberry has been re-launched following much local interest. This true story is based on the life of Sissy O’Brien who lived on the farm at Lough Gur in the mid 19th century, as told to Mary Carberry. A fascinating account of ordinary domestic life in Ireland. Available at Ryans and Reardons at Holy Cross, Nagles Spar shop in Bruff and also available at the Honeyfitz theatre 087 285 2022. Price €15 per copy. Limited edition.


The Farm By Lough Gur